Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Nice, Big Dose of MOTIVATION...

So, I was in Barnes & Noble yesterday looking at kiddy books with Griffin. This nice older lady started talking to me about the Spot know...Spot Goes to the Beach, etc. Somehow the conversation turned to her saying....

"Oh, so you're expecting again?" (While looking towards my stomach.)

As quickly as I could I said, "No, no I'm not."

And she quickly said, "Oh, just still............." and didn't finish her sentence.

OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!!!!!!! Did that really just happen? Awkward! I pretended to shop around a little more so I didn't have to stand behind her in the check out line.

In the moment I wasn't really that upset about it...I kind of thought it was funny. Like, yeah, sure I look pregnant. But the more I thought about it, the more I was like REALLY? I just got asked if I was PREGNANT...and I'm NOT??!! You only hear stories about that happening...that doesn't happen to ME!

I mean seriously - I do have a few pounds left to shed (I still can't fit into half of my pants), but I don't look like this anymore....

Or even THIS...

So, lady...thanks for the motivation. The SERIOUS diet started today. I will spend the rest of my life counting Weight Watchers points.

Why didn't the diet start yesterday, you ask? Well, there were some brownies that needed to be finished up so I figured, why not? The sooner I ate them the sooner they'd be out of the house.



  1. I feel your pain! I got asked no less than 6 times that same question before Liam's first birthday. I don't know why it took 6 times to get motivated, but it did, and it finally stopped. Now I'm back out of control!

    Oh, there is nothing worse.

  2. LOL...thanks Abby. But, now you've got a good excuse for another few (many) months!