Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Go Jackets!

Football season is in full swing around here!  The past two weekends have been filled with tailgating, eating, playing and even SOME game-watching.  We took Griffin to the first home game this year.  With a 7:00pm kick off it was risky, but we figured G would do pretty well staying up late if he got in a good nap.  Thankfully he did that day - naps are pretty hit or miss around here these days.  I think Chad and I would both call the day a success.  Griffin had a blast tailgating with his friends Jack and Leah, and we've even got some new kids to the mix this year with the addition of the Harper's adorable boys.  All the kids had fun playing together!  Griffin even did a good job at the game.  He didn't watch much of the game, but he and Jack entertained themselves by eating popcorn and looking for Buzz.  We actually chased Buzz down and got a high five - very fun!

Jack, Chad and Griffin - cheering on the Jackets!
 The next weekend it was Carson's turn to go to a game - his FIRST game!  True to form, this little man did a great job.   

Dada fed Carson his bottle as soon as we arrived at the tailgate...

...and after that he was happy and ready to flirt with the ladies!  I think he won everyone over with that smile and those rolly-polly thighs. 

He even stayed on schedule and took a great nap in the stroller, giving Mama and Dada time to eat and socialize.

Then we strapped him up and headed towards the stadium.  It was a 3:30 game and we were a little worried about the heat and the sun beating down on us, but we got very lucky with a nice cloud cover for the entire game.  So great!

Chad, Carson and the new Bobby Dodd statue.

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We've got a picture of Elizabeth holding Griffin at HIS first GT game so we had to get a picture of Carson with her as well.  We are so lucky to have friends who don't mind us bringing our kiddos along to the games and who are even willing to help us out when we get tired of holding them! 

This sweet boy stayed awake for the entire game.  When we FIRST arrived in the stadium Tech scored a 70 yard touchdown - to say the crowd went wild is an understatement.  Poor Carson was so shocked he just lost it and started crying.  I was afraid that he wasn't going to be able to handle the noise in the stadium.  Luckily, after a bottle and some quiet time out near the concession stands, he was ready to go back in and had no problem as all of our friends cheered on the Jackets - loudly.
 Chad and I have decided that a 2:1 parent/child ratio is the best way to enjoy a game.  We are lucky to have parents in town to help us out in the babysitting department.  As I mentioned earlier, we're also lucky to have such a fun group of friends at the games with us.  We look forward to our football weekends so much and it's great to see our group evolving from a few college buddies to wives and children.  The group keeps growing and it is oh so fun!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer Lovin'...Happened So Fast

Well fall is in the air (thank goodness) and the summer is over.  I really can't believe how quickly it flew by and how big our "Carson Man"- as Griffin likes to call him - is getting. I think it's safe to say that Chad, Griffin and I all fell in love this summer...with a little, squishy, rolly-polly sweet heart. 
 I had all intentions of doing this post after his 4 month doctor visit...just not THIS long after.  By now C is a good 4.5 months, but here are his stats anyways:
Height = 25 1/2 inches (71%)
Weight = 16lbs. 3oz. (74%)
Head Circumference = 42cm (42%)  
Yes, he's a pretty big boy.  I was worried Dr. B was going to put him on a diet or something but she said he was growing beautifully!  She said she'll look to see that the height % goes above the weight % in the next few visits.  We, of course, brought up Carson's excessive spit up issue.  She said she's not too worried but that if it doesn't start getting better she'll look into it a little more with a barium swallow to make sure his little intestines are where they need to be.  In the mean time she switched us to soy/lactose free formula to see if that helps at all.  Well, 2+ weeks in and it ain't helping!  This boy is a spit up machine.  And to make matters worse, this soy formula smells terrible.  Like dog food.  Now our house smells like dog food.  YUCK.  We are never getting a dog.
Here are a few pictures from the last month or so:
I love this.  We did this so much with Griffin but really haven't had the luxury of napping with Carson very much. Having a baby sleep on your chest is the best feeling in the world and Chad and I both wanted to make a point to do this before we outgrow this stage.

Sweet Carson all dressed up for church in an outfit from Grandma Purvis.  Doesn't he pull off the bonnet nicely?

This picture makes me smile from ear to ear.  Love those shades and those chins.

Our "cool dude" photo shoot quickly went awry.

Knock on wood, but Carson is SUCH a good passenger in the car.  I'm hoping this continues as he gets older because Griffin was NOT a fan of the car.

Carson's first meeting with Great Grandma Jenny.

I hope I NEVER forget how good it feels to kiss those squishy cheeks.  Probably my most favorite thing in the world right now.

I know this isn't a great picture but I just love how C is looking over at G.  It just melts my heart how much Carson LOVES his big brother.

For the sake of my memory, here's what Carson is up to these days...
  • He is rolling over from back to stomach (both ways) and every now and then can get from stomach to back.  He loves sleeping on his stomach.
  • It appears we officially have a thumb sucker.  He has no interest in pacifiers.  Fine with me now, but will be tricky to "get rid of" the thumb.  Lord, I know all too well (from my own experience).
  • He smiles at just about anyone who looks at him.  He just loves face to face contact and seems to have such a sweet little personality. 
  • I'm sure this means that we're in for it when he gets older, but right now he is the BEST, most WELL BEHAVED baby I know.  He seriously only cries when he is tired or hungry - or sometimes if he just needs a change of scenery.  He is so easy going and is making this "mom of two" thing so easy on me.  Thank you Carson!
  • He is grabbing at things and really likes holding/chewing those little plastic rings.  I'm not sure that he's teething but EVERYTHING goes straight to the mouth.
  • Carson loves to read.  If he's upset we just lay down and read a book and he is so content to sit and listen to us read or just look at the pages.  One of my favorite parts of the day is before bedtime when Chad lays down on the floor with Griffin and Carson and reads a book.  Carson is either very into the book or very into watching to see what Griffin is doing.  It's just so neat to sit back and watch Carson take everything in.  He seems to be so observant!  I'd love to know what's going on in that little head of his.
I often find myself thinking Carson is older than he really is - I'm not sure why.  I also find myself wishing he was older - how things will be better when he stops spitting up so much, and when he can crawl, and when he can "play" with Griffin.  Chad is great about reminding me to try to live in the moment and cherish what's going on RIGHT NOW.  He's so right and it's something that we try to remind ourselves of daily.  Last Sunday, the topic at church just happened to be parenting and our preacher, Andy and his wife Sandra just sat on stage and gave parenting advice.  It was awesome to hear what they had to say.  Something that struck a chord with me was Sandra saying that" the days are long but the years are short and before we know it our kids will be grown ups." 
I started bawling.  Like, ugly crying.
Then someone got on stage and sang the Trace Atkins song "You're Gonna Miss This."  Now, I've heard that song on the radio a million times and have always liked it, but on this particular day I just couldn't quit crying.  Tears were rolling down my neck.  Hahaha!
So, while it's not always smiles, laughs and giggles around here and we do get frustrated with the little things {spit up everywhere, smelly soy formula, pee on the wall, changing diapers, tons of laundry} Chad and I are really trying to remind ourselves that one day we are going to look back and we ARE going to miss this stage of life.  We wouldn't trade our life for anything in the world right now.  Nothing.