Monday, August 31, 2009

Jumping on the Blog Bandwagon

So, a friend at work gave me the brilliant idea of starting a blog to document our pregnancy. I thought this was great! There hasn't been much to share so far...I've been so lucky that I've felt awesome through out the pregnancy, no morning sickness or anything...just a little tired. Now, at week 18, things are slowly starting to get "exciting" though...(not that we weren't excited already).

I'm slowly but surely getting a little belly on me! Though it's still pretty tiny, I've starting having to wear lose clothes and have even broken down and bought some maternity clothes and some friends have been kind enough to give me some hand-me-downs. Chad and I spent Saturday morning shopping for nursery furniture and bit the bullet and purchased a crib and a dresser set! It's really cute and will "grow" with the little one into a big boy/girl room. The picture below is what it looks like!

Also, in about two weeks we will find out if we are having a boy or a girl! We can't wait to find out! We go for the sonogram on Sept. 16th and we will be sure to share the news once we've got it. I'm going to be seeing a new doctor and this will be my first appointment at this practice. I will now deliver at Northside - same hospital where Chad and I were born!

That just about gets you up to speed. Like I said before, Chad and I are so excited about this baby and feel so blessed to have the chance to be the best parents we can be! We both had amazing examples of what parents should be as kids and even now as adults, so we are confidant that baby Herring is in good hands (and we know that help from family is just a phone call away)!