Sunday, June 13, 2010

HH Vacation: The rest of it

Day Five:
The boys began day 5 with a golf cart ride around the neighborhood. Griffin and Jack both loved it and, I think found it pretty relaxing.

Actually, I KNOW Griffin found it relaxing. He was passed out when they got back! So cute.

Then the day continued on with some more pool time. Jack spent most of his pool time crawling around the pool deck and exploring. Such a busy little man!

Griffin enjoyed some time in Jack's float (since Jack was busy outside of the pool)....and then....

....we decided to do it. We DUNKED our little man!

He did pretty well with it. A little fussing when he first came up, but I think that was more from confusion than anything else. We did it twice and there was even less fussing the 2nd time around.

He was excited to get warm and toasty with daddy afterwards though.

And to add on to our already busy day, we made our 2nd trip to the beach later that afternoon.

This is probably one of my favorite pictures from the entire vacation...having fun with daddy on the beach.

Jack enjoyed himself again and managed to wear himself out pretty well.

When we got home from the beach we cleaned up, put the kids to bed (they were tired from their busy day), then the big kids grilled some steaks and sat out on the lanai the rest of the night talking, drinking and playing games. Such a fun night with great friends!
Day Six:
On day 6 we decided to spend some time at the neighborhood pool (no pics, sorry) and wait for Chad's parents to arrive home from their trip! They were excited to meet Jack and to see Griffin!!
Mrs. Herring pulled out some toys she had hidden away which Jack LOVED!
The great grandparents came over again and we got a picture with all of the "Gray" men. So neat to have all four generations together! We've got Willard Gray, Donald Gray, Chad Gray and Griffin Gray. There are some good genes in that bunch...just look at those handsome men!

Then we headed over to the "avenue of the oaks" for a photo shoot. Mr. Herring takes great pictures and they have the most beautiful entrance to their neighborhood...all those trees just scream for a baby in a that's what we did. I will post the good photos of G in a separate post.

Griffin did pretty well, but definitely hit a wall towards the end. He let us know when he had enough of the photo shoot! When we got home, he had some quality snuggle time with his Gram.

Soon after that it was time for the little boys to go to bed and then, with great babysitters on hand, Chad, Cliff, Erica and I headed down to Harbor Town for some adult-only time. It was fun people watching and good food!
While we were there Cliff had to show Erica the "tree house" that he remembered fondly as a kid. Cliff had built it up so much that Erica was a bit disappointed when she actually saw it. haha!

Day Seven:
The next day it was time for us to pack up and head home. Cliff and Erica headed out pretty early that morning, but I got some good snuggle time with Jack while they were packing. He's such a sweet heart!

Chad and I stuck around until after lunch to give Griffin more time with his grandparents.
We had such an awesome week and hated to leave, but we eventually had to head back to the real world. G did pretty good on the ride home. He slept for over half of it and waited until the last 15 minutes or so of the trip to absolutely lose it. Who can blame him though?...that's a long time in the car for such a little man, so we'll cut him some slack.
Thanks Don and Shirley for letting us stay at your beautiful house and have a fantastic week with our friends. We promise the next time we come, we'll make sure you guys will be there!!

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