Wednesday, June 16, 2010

4 Month Update

Can you BELIEVE that Griffin is already 4 months old? It's weird because it doesn't seam like he should be that old, yet that whole birth/delivery thing seems like ages ago!

We went for our 4 month check up this week and Griffin did great, as always. Sure, he screamed his head off when that mean nurse gave him those shots, but other than that, he did great. Plus, he calmed down pretty quickly after all the screaming. (...and the nurse wasn't mean at all.) We absolutely love our pediatrician, Dr. Beckford, so I really look forward to our visits. She had nothing but great things to say about Griffin and his development. At one point she even called the nurse in from the hall to see how cute Griffin was acting...he had himself wrapped up in the paper that was on the table. She got a kick out of it.

(Check out my looney toons band-aids from my shots)

Okay, so here are his stats:

  • Height = 24 1/4 in (60%)

  • Weight = 14 lbs. 8 oz. (50%)

  • Head Circumference = 48 1/4 cm (55%).....I know, who really cares, right?

Now that G is rolling over, we've had to lose the swaddle for naps and night time. It was a bit of a transition since he was doing SO well with the whole sleeping thing, but he did a good job with it. He has now decided it's okay to sleep on his stomach (so sweet), although he still can't get from his stomach to his back, so if he wakes up and wants to roll over he lets us hear about it!

Other things G is doing these days:

  • Laughing and smiling like crazy! He has such a sweet little laugh....very contagious!

  • Starting to grow a little bit of blonde hair on that head, though still rockin' the rat tail he's had from the get-go (see photo above).

  • Actually ENJOYING tummy time (for a limited time anyways).

  • Reading books (current favs. are Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Peak-a-Who?)

  • Reaching out and grabbing for toys (he loves those plastic ring things) - actually, he pretty much reaches out and grabs at anything.

  • He likes standing up (with support of course) and showing off how strong those little legs are!

  • Beginning to enjoy spending time in his swing. He has never been much of a fan, but it's becoming a favorite spot to drift off for a nap in the evenings (the most challenging part of the day). However, the music has to be ON. hahah...It really seams to calm him!

  • Oh! He's got this new thing he's doing with his mouth...kind of like blowing bubbles? You know what I'm talking about - I think some people call it rasberries?.....where the spit/drool bubbles out of his mouth while he's making a noise. Pretty gross when you put it that way, but it's probably the cutest thing ever.

  • We're about to start introducing him to food...stay tuned to see how that goes!

Overall, he is just so much more interactive. It's neat to see and Chad and I are really having fun with him. I'm finding that it makes my job as mom a bit harder because I'm always having to find new ways to entertain! His attention span is about 3 minutes long, so it's a challenge! haha.

Here's a video of G rolling over!!!! He's seriously a pro at it now.

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