Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So Much Has Happened

As we approach week #7 (tomorrow), I wanted to take the time to record some milestones that we've come across in our parenthood journey. It has been great and challenging and Chad and I wouldn't trade a second of it for anything in the world. Wait - I take that back - there is something I would probably, maybe, most likely trade (I'll explain later in the post).

  • Griffin has really started to grow! So much so that even I am noticing - and it's sometimes hard to notice these things when you see him every single day. His cheeks are filling out, he's DEFINITELY getting taller (he's growing out of clothes like crazy and is almost too big for his newborn napper!), and he just doesn't seem so fragile anymore. All that being said though, he's still a little peanut and the perfect size for some good snuggles.
  • Around week 4 he started rolling over from his stomach to his back. We like to brag about how "advanced" he is, but I think it has a lot to do with how heavy his head is and if it gets far enough to one side or the other it topples and takes his whole body with him. It's pretty cute.
  • He is giving us some really good smiles...and I'm 100% sure they are legit smiles and not just gas. I'm pretty sure he's also going to have a killer dimple in his right cheek!
  • It has been really neat to see how observant he is getting. He really listens to things and makes eye contact and responds to our voices. He is starting to interact with us by cooing, smiling, wiggling, etc...It's so fun and rewarding.
  • We had our first major diaper blow out a few weeks ago. It's funny because the grandparents had recently commented on how "great diapers are these days!" Well, Griffin blew right through one...I won't go into detail, but it was NASTY. Got my gag reflexes going (and of course it was one of the few days my mom wasn't around helping out)!
  • As of week 6, I HAVE OFFICIALLY STOPPED BREAST FEEDING! (I feel like I have to put it in all caps because I just feel so..........liberated!) I had a really tough time with the breast feeding, so much so that I honestly dreaded feeding Griffin and had such anxiety about the next feeding that I was miserable. I went for a lactation consultation and they said his latch looked good but that the roof of his mouth was "steep" and that could be what was causing the pain (cracked, raw, bruised, bloody nipples - sorry to the men who read this but...get over it). When Griffin had blood in his spit up for the 3rd time, that was the final straw for me. Once I made the decision to quit - and did, I felt great. Now I enjoy feeding time and am just a happier mommy (and wife!) in general. NOTE: This is what I was referring to above - an experience I might trade for anything in the world - you live and you learn.
  • I am officially a stay-at-home-mom! I am no longer working for Phi Mu and I have never been happier! The opportunity to be at home with Griffin for a while longer is just priceless and I feel so blessed that Chad and I are able to make that work.
  • Things really do start to get easier around week 6 - at least we feel like that was the turning point for us. Griffin's gas problems have gotten soooo much better, he's sleeping for longer periods during the night, and we're all just getting to know each other better and learning how we work as a family. It's pretty neat.
  • Chad has been working with Griffin on his sports fundamentals. Haha...he swears he's going to be walking, dribbling basketballs, and hitting tennis balls in the next few months. They have lots of fun playing together. It has been really fun to see Chad as a dad. I mean, I knew he'd be good, but he has exceeded any and all expectations I had for him. He loves Griffin so much and I know they will have a special relationship for sure.

I'm sure there are so many more things that have happened that I'm missing, but that's it in a nutshell. Chad and I are just so amazed that we have this precious little boy and that we're not only responsible for his well being but we're also lucky enough to be a part of his life and witness him growing up - and boy, he sure is growing up fast! We can't wait to really get to know him and see what his little personality is going to be like, what he's going to be interested in, if he's right or left handed....the little details that we, as parents, will be privy to before anyone else. How exciting!

Here are a few recent pictures...

Griffin loves to nap ALMOST as much as his daddy...

This is what I came home to find after my tennis match last weekend...

Just look at those sweet hands clasped together.

He hardly ever sleeps on his stomach so I wanted to capture it. I just think he looks so sweet like this!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rub-A-Dub-Dub: Update

Thanks to everyone who commented on the previous post about bath time (and to the many of you who responded through email as well). Your advice was taken into consideration and we are happy to report that we now bathe our child more often...on average, about every other day. We've started doing it before bedtime and, coincidence or not, he has started doing great at night! The past week he has been sleeping from about 8 pm to 3 am or 4 am, and then waking up again at 8 am to start the day. (At least that's what this past week has looked like...I'm sure it could all change in a second.)

Here's a picture from bathtime tonight! Clean boy!

...and this picture has nothing to do with bath time, but it was taken today and I just think he looks adorable. I could really just eat him up somtimes!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Favorite Toy?

Of all of the cool baby things we have, and we have A LOT (our once adult living room is now filled with baby "stuff"), this just happens to be Griffin's favorite....toy?

That's right...it's a ceiling fan people. Seriously, it's a life saver. When he is screaming his head off we'll go stand under the fan. If he will open his eyes long enough (because it's hard to keep your eyes open when you're screaming your head off) to catch a glimpse of the fan, he instantly calms down. So strange! Then he'll usually just stare at it until his eyes start closing. Sometimes, we even turn the fan ON...now he really loves that...but we don't want to spoil him.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Video update: Almost 6 weeks!

Tomorrow Griffin will be 6 weeks old...WOW! Time really has flown by (I think) and just this week I've really started noticing that he really is looking bigger...and it kind of makes me sad (but happy at the same time)!

Here are a few videos from today...Make sure to turn your sound up because Griffin is letting it loose in this first video. It still makes me laugh that he just rips 'em and goes on about his day. I love how he doesn't know that one day he will consider that embarrassing...haha.

Strong boy holding up his head during "tummy time." He's been doing this since he was like a week old...we are proud! haha...

PS...this is the voice I use all day long...I even annoy myslef! I wonder why everyone feels like they have to talk in a different voice when talking to a kid. Weird...

Monday, March 8, 2010


With Chad's parents in town this weekend we had an extra set of hands to document bath time! While Griffin is not crazy about baths, he's starting to like it a little more each time.
Speaking of baths...I'd like to take a poll...how often should an almost one month old be bathed? We're averaging about one per week, but we're starting to catch wind that it is normal to bathe your child much more often. We don't want to be the parents with the dirty kid, but baths are a lot of work! Please leave a comment with your answer.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Rat Tail...

I love soooo many things about my boy. But one of my FAVORITE things is that he came into the world with a rat tail...

We're going to bring it back in style.