Saturday, March 3, 2012

2 Years Old!

Say it ain't so!  Our little Griffin is 2 years old.  To say that time has flown by would be the understatement of the century.  I just can't even describe how fast these 2 years have gone.  It's fun and awesome and I wouldn't change anything, but if the time is already passing this quickly I can only imagine adding another kiddo into the mix and life just getting busier and busier. 

Gulp!  I must remind myself to sit back and take in all the goodness of life...often!

Anyways - Griffin had a great birthday.  We started the day off at home with a bowl of Fruit Loops and some of mom's Pop Tart.  Nothing like a sugar overload on an already exciting day, right?  Ehhh, I didn't care, I was dropping him off at school!  haha....(insert evil laugh)

Towards the end of his school day we {Dada, Boo, Papa Don and myself} went to his class to have a party with his school friends.  He was sooooooooo excited to see us!  We had fun seeing him at school with his little friends.  How his teachers get them to SIT at the table and eat, I'll never understand.  They looked at my like I had 3 eyes when I asked them what their secret was and said, "He doesn't behave like this at home?"  Um, fact, he doesn't.

Saying "cheeeeese" for the camera.

After the kiddos enjoyed mini cupcakes, apple juice and jello blocks the teachers suggested that we read them a story before the parents started coming to pick the kids up.  I was happy to do so but Griffin was even happier.  In fact, he was down right wild!  haha...between the sugar consumption and the fact that he knew it was HIS special day, this kid couldn't contain his excitement. 

It was a happy birthday for sure!

The next day (I should probably at least mention that this was Chad's 30th birthday - happy birthday babe) we had the family over for a little party!  Griffin loved having everyone over and loved all the special attention.  We had fun opening gifts (many of which revolved around Thomas - our family is so smart), playing and eating.

Dada made sure G read the cards before he opened the gifts. 

Big boy underwear!  NO - we're not potty training yet but when we do, I know these Thomas underwear will be quite a treat!
Reading a Thomas book with uncle Ramsey.

Didn't quite understand how to blow out the candle...maybe next year!

Me with the two sweetest and cutest birthday boys...EVER!
To top off an already great birthday weekend, we decided to try Griffin in a big boy bed!  We weren't necessarily going to do it this soon, but it worked out that we got the bed (thanks to uncle Ramsey) and all of the bed "gear" and it was all ready to go.  I was excited to get it all set up and Griffin was excited to try it out!  He did GREAT.  The first night he cried off and on for about 15 minutes.  I think he was just a little confused as to what was going on.  After those 15 minutes we haven't had trouble since!  He never tries to get out on his own and still waits for us to come get him in the morning.  We couldn't have asked for a smoother transition.

Good morning big boy!

And just so we've got this info on record, G had another great doctor's visit for his 2 year appointment.  He was in the 60% for height - measuring 34 3/4 inches, and 20% for weight - weighing in at 25.6 lbs.  Dr. B said you're just destined to be tall and thin and gave you permission to eat all the ice cream you want!  (Though I don't plan on telling you that.)

So, Mr. Griffin, at 2 years old we can already tell that you're going to be a boy who loves life.  You are a funny little rascal and still don't like to sit still for long.  You could play with your trains ALL DAY LONG but you also love being outside.  Your favorite things to do outside are RUN (away from mama and dada - quite frustrating for your parents I must say), play on the neighborhood playground and play basketball with dada.  You are talking up a storm and can repeat pretty much anything you hear.  Some of the stuff that comes out of your mouth is pretty really shows how much you are listening and taking things in.  You love to listen to your "silly songs" CD in the car and are quite the singer - your specialties are John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmit (though you just request "john jay" for short), Happy Birthday, Apples and Bananas and Little Green Frog.  Those are your favorites, but we're quickly learning that you know the words to almost every song on that CD.  You're so smart! You talk about your baby brother Carson a lot and always include him in the conversation when we're talking about our family.  When people ask you what your brother's name is going to be you enthusiastically tell them.  We can't wait to see you as a big brother - I just know you'll be the BEST.   You love reading before bed at night and always remember to say your prayers.  You've almost got the Georgia Tech fight song down pat (since dada sings it to you every night) and you've just started saying "See you in the morning!" as we are leaving your room at night.  Warms my heart!

We love you Griffin and take so much joy in watching you grow up on a daily basis.  Can't wait to see what the next year brings!