Friday, July 29, 2011

{Not So} Sweet 16

I know I've got some catching up to do on the 'ole blog, so here goes....

The 16th month of G's life was, hands down, the hardest for me.  I mentioned in the last post that we were entering the temper tantrum phase.  Well, there's no more "entering" about it.  Month 16 was rough!  I think teething may have played a part in it (3 new molars, thank you very much);  a severe cold probably had something to do with it; and a new found attachment to MAMA also played a roll.  Whatever it was, I'm happy to say that month 17 is already better.  He's still attached to yours truly, but I'm seeing more and more of that sweet, happy, funny little boy that I was desperately missing.

Here are a few photos of our little rascal...

Me: "Griffin, what's on your shirt?"
Griff: "Tchoo, tchoo!"

He had no clue this fruit snacks wrapper was on his head...silly boy!

We built our first (of many) forts.  He now LOVES hiding and saying "boo!"

I can only imagine how 16 months will compare to 16 years.  haha...I'm predicting temper tantrums of another kind...? 

{Side note:  As I was writing this post another keyboard key bit the dust.  Turns out the BACKSPACE key is pretty important and I didn't realize how much I used it until this post.  Thanks to Griffin's tiny, lightning- speed fingers we are now missing a total of 4 keys on the keyboard.  Some we have been able to get back on (thankfully the letter keys are easy to re-attach), but the backspace, CAPS LOCK, down arrow and this one }, are impossible to get back on.  Sneaky little bugger!}