Thursday, January 31, 2013

Two Men in a Tub

Bath time has become a favorite time of day around here.  G has always enjoyed playing in the tub and Carson is a big fan too!  We use to bathe the boys separately, Griffin in his bathroom and Carson in our bathroom.  We used a man-on-man strategy to save time and get the job done.  Every now and then, usually if Chad or I was doing bath time alone, we'd put both boys in our tub.  Griffin loved this!
Carson still in the baby tub.

Griffin thought he'd try it out too...for old time sake.

Then starting about a month ago, we decided Carson was sitting up well enough for him to join Griffin in the big boy tub!  These two have so much fun and the splashing is out of control, with Carson being the main culprit.  That boy can SPLASH!

Griffin doesn't seem to mind sharing the tub, but sharing his bath toys?  We're working on that. 
Carson got to enjoy a few baths on his own while G was visiting Papa Don and Boo for a week!  Such a treat for G to have them all to himself, and it was nice for Chad and I to have some one on one time with the Carson man!

NOTE: since I started this post Griffin has decided he kind of likes taking baths on his own better.  Bath time is now filled with Carson splashing like a mad man and Griffin getting upset and yelling, "Carson!  Stop splashing MY FACE!" 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

As usual, the holiday season came and went in a flash.  I kept trying to remind myself to stop and remember that it was Carson's "first" everything, but that was hard with big brother running around.  Griffin really got into the holiday spirit this year.  Especially Santa Clause!  Though we did remember to include baby Jesus and he had fun playing with his little "natifidy" scene. 
The beginning of December looked a little something like this:
We had fun picking out our tree from Home Depot.  Griffin picked the tree and it was perfect! 

It was a beautiful day so we played outside while Dada got the tree all set up and inside.

We are pretending that there is snow to sled down.  This is how you sled in Georgia during a particularly warm winter!

Carson's first Christmas tree!
Griffin and I had fun one afternoon making/decorating a gingerbread choo-choo train!  It was a fun little project for us.  Of course his favorite part was eating all of the candy before it went on the train.  And, to be honest, I wanted him to keep his dirty little hands off my master piece.  Let's just say his candy placement wasn't what I had in mind.  We had fun working together, even if that just meant he ate the candy and I decorated the train. 

Notice the lack of candy decor. 

....and the candy kept disappearing!
A Christmas miracle - Griffin let Carson come in his Thomas tent with him and they actually "played" together!


We spent some time up at cousin Blake's house at the beginning of the month to help Blake celebrate his birthday!  Of course, we had to have a photo shoot of all the kids together.  Boo found these adorable GAP pajamas and ended up using a few of these photos for her Christmas cards.  Very cute cousins!

Leah and Carson - good luck keeping those bows in your hair pretty Leah!

Carson and Blake - staring contest?

That tongue is always out!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gobble, Gobble

November was a month plauged by sickness (as was December).  There was at least one member of the Herring household sick at all times.  Ugg...these winter germs got the best of us!  That said, it didn't slow us down much.
I distinctly remember G wearing these "real shoes" for the first time.  It was at his first GT football game.  I thought I'd better document C's first time wearing "real shoes" as well.  Hey big boy!

Carson toyed with the idea of crawling in November.  By the end of the month he was a professional scooter and could get to where he wanted to go pretty quickly.  Okay, let's be honest, he got there pretty slowly.  This big boy isn't very fast...yet!

G gave a stunning performace of  "The Turkey is a Funny Bird" during his class party.  This was a major improvement over last years school gatherings!

I know I've said it before, but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  No pressure, no prep work, lots of food and time with family.  I love these next few photos of Gaga and Gingi with their great grands and then the grands.  We have the best grandparents ever!

We certainly have a lot to be thankful for this year and always.  It was fun with the addition of two little ones around the table this year.  Carson and Jackson were the most popular guests at the gathering!

G found a cozy little spot to enjoy his banana.  Or as he calls it, his "bana."

A rare moment of playing together and sharing for these two!  Griffin is not too fond of Carson's new found mobility.

Griffin's best bud Tate came home from school with us one afternoon.  I sent them upstairs to my room for the usual "Griffin time."  They were so cute and had such a fun time up there (doing seat drops and face plants on the bed).  I'm pretty sure as soon as I snapped this photo and shut the door they hopped up and started being the little rascals that they are.  Griffin still talks about Tate being at our house and them playing on the bed.