Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Let Me Get You Up to Speed...

Okay folks, I know it has been a WHILE since my last post, so I'm going to attempt to catch you up on the last few months through a few pictures.  Here goes nothing....

We have been to visit Papa Don and Boo twice since the last post!  We always have fun there, especially since they have this awesome Thomas toy.  Griffin is slightly in love with Thomas the train and everything associated with it!  (Public Service Announcement for family...if you need an idea of what to get G for Christmas...anything - and I mean anything - dealing with Thomas and his Friends!)

Griffin and I went with my mom and dad to visit Griff's great grandmother, Nanny!  Nanny is my dad's mom and is in a nursing home up in Nashville.  She LOVED meeting Griffin and kept commenting on his shoes (she is a shoe lover by nature) and how smart he is!  I'm so glad they finally were able to meet one another. 

Griffin attended his first (and only) Tech game of the season.  You can see here that he was NOT crazy about seeing Buzz up close, however he loved watching him from afar.  He did great at the tailgate, but not so great at the game.  Guess we can't expect an almost 2 year old to sit still through a football game just yet!! 

We had a great weekend at Lake Oconee with great friends!  Griffin, Jack and Leah are a force to be reckoned with.  I remember a point in my life where lake weekends were relaxing....not so much anymore!

The three of us had a great time at Cagles Dairy Farm.  We went on a hayride, fed cows and goats and looked at pumpkins!  Great family fun.

Chad and I had the pleasure of trick-or-treating with the CUTEST spider in the world!

Griffin was so fun this Halloween.  He really seemed to get the hang of the whole thing and, in fact, still says "trick-or-treat!" to me when he wants a treat.  Too funny!  He also loved pulling around this "choo-choo" (as he calls it), that my grandfather made for him to pull around.  Quite the hit!

Contrary to popular belief (after my last post about how rough our first day of school was), Griffin is STILL IN SCHOOL and absolutely LOVING IT!  After many weeks of tears at drop off and pick up, we've finally turned a corner and Griffin walks right into his classroom with a smile on his face and a hug for his teachers!!  This is him and his buddy Tate at "farm day" last week.  When I picked him up today his teachers told me that he is such a good listener (say what?!) and he's always the first to start cleaning up when they ask the kids to clean.  THAT'S OUR BOY!

At 21 months old, he is quite the little rascal (though we already knew this).  He gets into anything he can, and since he's getting taller, that means he's getting into just about everything!  As I recall, he did NOT help me clean up this mess that he created.  Maybe I need to find out what the secret is from his teachers at school.

In exciting family news...I'm going to be an aunt again!  Ramsey and Jenna are expecting a sweet baby boy...due date is March 3rd!!  We all can't WAIT to meet him.  Obviously he's already taking after his daddy and is hamming it up for the camera. 
More exciting family news...GRIFFIN IS GOING TO BE A BIG BROTHER!!  Baby Herring #2 is due just about 2 months after his/her cousin...how fun will that be?!  May 2nd is our due date and we are beyond excited.  We should find out if we're having a boy or a girl in early December.  We've told Griffin about the baby but he really has no clue what's going on.  He knows that we tell him to "kiss the baby" in Mama's stomach - which he does - then he points to the baby in his stomach and in Dada's stomach.  Haha! 

As you can see, life has been busy and exciting and we have nothing to complain about!  God is good!