Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Welcome to the World Baby Cason!

Twenty loooong days ago, baby Carson made his way into this world!  I can't believe he's almost 3 weeks old already!  There has been less sleep for Chad and I over the past 20 days, but for the most part, Carson seems to fit right in to this little family of ours!  He's pretty laid back and is really making things easy on his Mama and Dada.  He's even doing a great job of putting up with big brother Griffin (who is teaching Carson how to sleep through all kids of loud noises)!

Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks....I'll do a post soon on the "birthday" with all of most of  the nitty gritty details before my brain completely turns to mush and I forget everything!

In the labor and delivery room on the morning of induction...

...so very ready for the little human inside there to stop kicking me and make his appearance!

Carson's first picture!!!   Goo and all!

My AWESOME Midwife Barbara.

Bath time!

Proud grandparents.

A very hyper and sweet big brother!!

Heading home from the hospital...such a great and weird feeling...no more nurses to help!

Our AWESOME pediatrician Dr. B!

Carson has already had his first photo shoot...

...they turned out great.  I'll share more later.

Hello little 2 week old boy!  Carson was on his tummy before this picture was taken but decided to turn over to his back all by himself!!  Strong boy!

And here's our little man today.  If you want to know the truth he was working on a big, stinky diaper when this shot was taken.  The joys of parenthood are endless!

So, as I sit and type this with one hand and hold a squirmy baby in the other (my arm is killing me), I'm filled with happiness about the new addition to our family and excitement over the memories we will make in the years to come.