Saturday, August 10, 2013

Carson is One - Party Time!

I know this post is LONG over due, but better late than never, right?
First, let's get our one-year-old stats out of the way.  He had a great check up and, as always, Dr. B said our kid was beyond perfect. 
Weight - 23lbs. (52%)
Height - 29in. (24%) 
Head Circumference - 18.5cm. (68%) - big head, like your Dada!
Now on to the party.  Carson had a great first Birthday party!  Like Griffin's, it was just a low key "party" at the house.  Let me rephrase that, VERY low key.  It's amazing how things are different with the second child.  I hope C doesn't look back and feel gypped or anything, but the second time around, you realize (as a mom) that all the crazy preparation just isn't necessary.  The party was great and I was able to enjoy it and not be worried about silly little details (that no one would notice but me).  Carson was a perfect birthday boy.  He enjoyed opening his presents and had LOTS of help from Griffin and Blake - who were also happy to help him try out his new toys.   

A home-made cake (from a box, let's be honest) for my peanut allergy baby!

These two had a blast playing together.  They do a much better job of "playing" rather than "fighting" now that they are both a little older.  It's so fun to watch them. 

Birthday cuddles.  Seriously, the best!

Present time!
We were all excited to see how Carson would do with his cake.  He is SUCH a good eater (just look at those thighs) that we were sure he'd dig right in.  He was a bit hesitant and confused at first, but once he realized what was in front of him, he LOVED it!  These next few pictures of him enjoying his cake are so great.  Do I really have the cutest kids in the world?! 

Just look at those sweet hands and that fist full of cake.

I adore this picture!
After the excitement of cake and the party, I was lucky enough to have this special moment with my baby - feeding him his last bottle!  It is both a blessing and a curse that the "baby" phase goes by so quickly.  It's so hard yet so rewarding and worth. every. second!

Carson, our first year with you has been nothing short of amazing.  You are the sweetest, most easy-going baby.  You are ridiculously strong (I knew this before you were even born, as I was pretty sure you were going to kick your way right through my stomach) and 100% boy.  You are rough and tough (we worry about you beating up Griffin some times), yet you love a good cuddle session.  You seem to love sports - anything involving a ball - and this makes your Dada ridiculously happy.  You love your big brother and your Dada, but you really, really love your Mama...and I'm crazy about you too sweet boy!  Carson, we all love you so much and we thank God for the smiles you bring to us every day.