Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Griffin's Award-Winning Dad

Griffin, you're one lucky kid. Your dad is an award winner! Chad got 3rd place at the "Ugly Sweater" Christmas party we went to this holiday season. Chad's outfit (compliments of Good Will) was so good, I just had to share.

Couples Shower

We were lucky enough to have another shower...this one involving the guys. Most of these guys are Chad's friends from college, and they are such a great group of people. And, lucky for me, they have great taste in "significant others" and have all become great friends that we love hanging out with. It's our "Tech crew" and they're wonderful!

Here are a bunch of pictures...

The hostesses - we were told to take a "crazy" picture. What can I say...we're crazy!

Many thanks to the Robinsons, Sineways and Cowarts for throwing the shower for us. You guys are such great friends and it was a perfect evening! Griffin can't wait to meet you all and hang out at next year's tailgates.