Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Meeting Santa!

Griffin was excited to visit Santa this year and tell him what he wanted - the circus train, a turn table and Tidmouth Shed.  We joined the crowds and stood in line at Perimeter Mall so we could see the bearded man.  As we stood in line Griffin kept talking about how he couldn't wait to get the circus train.  It finally dawned on me that Griffin was under the impression that he would get the gifts he asked for immediately.  Like Santa would magically pull whatever he asked for out of his sack and hand it to him right then and there.  Yikes! 
I told Griffin that today we were only going to tell Santa what we would like for Christmas but that he would have to wait a few more weeks (until Christmas) to see if Santa brought him these gifts.  Que the two-year-old melt down.  Right there in line! 
Luckily by the time we made it to the front of the line, G had pulled himself together.  He really enjoyed sitting in Santa's lap and Carson did great too!  Carson took one good look at Santa and decided he liked him!  (I'm not sure that Carson has met anyone he doesn't like yet...sweet boy!)
After G recovered from the bad news I gave him.

Lucky for us Carson asked Santa for hand-me-down toys from his brother!

Once we were finished with our visit and we were back in the car Griffin continued to cry about the fact that he didn't get his circus train that day.  Haha - poor boy!  When you think about it, this is a hard concept for a 2 year old to understand.
Now, writing this post almost 2 months after Christmas, Griffin is still talking about Santa.  He still asks people what Santa brought them for Christmas, and he is still coming up with new requests for Santa.  We keep telling him that Christmas is a loooong way away now and that he'll have to wait until next Christmas to ask for these toys.  He also keeps asking where "Eddie the Elf" is...his Elf on the Shelf.  The answer is simple and the same every time - at the North Pole with Santa.
Can't wait until next December!

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