Thursday, February 14, 2013

Countdown to 8:00

We were lucky enough to bring 2012 to a close with some great friends.  Though Chad, Cliff and Daniel have been friends since college, the Robinsons and Sineways have turned into life-long friends who we are thrilled to "do life" with these days. 
The Robinsons were nice enough to host everyone - all 13 of us - and we had fun with the kiddos counting down to 8:00!  We had fun eating dinner, playing games and fighting sharing toys! 

2012 brought three new additions to the group!  Carson (April), Audry (October) and Ben (November).  God is good!

Every half hour we popped a balloon and did an activity.  8:00 was "party time!"

This is what our NYE looked like.  Wouldn't trade it!

Great picture of Daniel and Jennifer.

Leah and Griffin being domestic.  Foreshadowing to 25 years from now?  Maybe we'll be showing this picture at their rehearsal dinner! 

Jack and Griffin showing us their muscles.  So strong!


Sweet, sweet Anna

All tuckered out after a fun evening!
So, when the clock struck 8:00 we got our hats on, our noise makers out and celebrated in style!  The kids were home and in bed by 9:00 - late for them - and Chad and I weren't too far behind.  We decided against ringing in the new year at midnight...we knew those cute kids would be up bright and early!

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