Monday, February 4, 2013

A Month of Celebrating

This year the Christmas celebrations were all spread out...which made it feel like the never-ending Christmas...which was okay with me...and GREAT with Griffin!
We started with a small get together at my parents house with the Knights!  Sweet Carson was sick (that's the theme of this winter) so he stayed back - lucky for us Chad's parents were in town and were happy to keep him - while Chad, G and I enjoyed round 1 of family, food and presents!!  This holiday season was especially special for Ramsey and Jenna as they got to see Christmas through Jackson's eyes for the first time.  I must say, holidays are so fun as parents!

No surprise here - G at the train track! 

Since Carson missed the celebration, my mom came over the next day and we helped Carson open his gifts!  Griffin left earlier in the morning to go to Papa Don and Boo's house for the week (hallelujah - Mama needed some time away from that boy), so Carson got a private opening session.  It worked out perfectly because if G had been there, Carson likely wouldn't have gotten to play with or enjoy ANY of his loot!
His first experience with opening gifts.  He got the hang of it pretty quickly!

Fun puppets from Ramsey and Jenna were a hit!

I got Chad and I got a new camera for Christmas so I had fun playing with it and took a ton of pictures of the tree and decorations.  Here are two of my favorite.  Two out of about 700 photos.  Haha!
Notice our new stockings!  I love them!

Next, the Boyds were in town for a short visit and our house turned into a war zone while Griffin and Blake ran around, played and opened presents.  The adults played referee between the boys who LOVED playing with each other - as long as toys weren't involved.  Turns out neither one of them is very fond of sharing.  Fun times!  (We're going to miss this phase one day, right?)

I love this picture!  Thanks for the train letters Aunt Nat Nat!

The next shift was Papa Don and Boo.  Poor, poor grandparents weren't feeling well.  They were suppose to stay with us for a bit and then head up to Natalie's to spend Christmas morning up there.  Being the ever-so-loving grandparents they are, they sacrificed their time with their grandkids to keep us all healthy.  After a quick trip to the doctor (to confirm they were both sick), they came to our house for a quick present opening session, then jumped in the car and made the four hour drive back to their house.  Now that's love!

Papa Don in his face mask (Boo had one on too).  He does get the award for "Best Grandpa!"

As always, the boxes and the paper are the most fun.

Griffin got a big boy bike!  (A month later and the kid still hasn't figured out how to pedal.)
Just getting creative with the new camera.  Sweet Carson boy!

Finally it was time for the traditional Christmas Eve celebration with the Lovetts...only this year we changed the location to Tripp and Jan's house - the young Lovetts.  It was fun to have the whole gang there!  We changed it up a bit this year and did a secret Santa gift exchange which always adds a little life to the party.
I just LOVE this picture of Gaga and Chad.  They both look great.

The kids are the star of the show.  It's so fun to have little ones around!

Jackson and Carson

Griffin kept everyone busy, demanding to be chased around the house.  He ran around and around for a good 30 minutes and his sweet cousins and aunt and uncle were happy to oblige.

Mom and Dad and all their grands.  Wonder if we will ever get a picture of everyone looking at the camera?


An awesome picture of two awesome people.

Carson man and CiCi!

The gift exchange got heated a few times!  Those Lovett ladies like to steal gifts!

After lots of fun with our family, we were excited to head home and get ready for Santa Clause to visit the next morning!  Griffin really seemed to "get" Santa this year - or at least understood that some man was suppose to bring him presents that he asked for - specifically a "circus train" to go with the rest of his million trains.  We explained that it would be nice to leave Santa a snack because he would be hungry when he got to our house because he had such a busy night.  Griffin chose to forgo the traditional milk and cookies and left him water and "fruit ray rays."  Fitting since this is Griffin's favorite snack.

Santa was here!

And with visions of sugar plums circus trains dancing in their heads, the boys went to sleep - ready for some fun the next morning!

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  1. Totally adorable! You've got 2 cute, cute boys! Glad it was a fun, family Christmas!
    PS - LOVE the new blog picture! Ya'll look great!