Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Christmas Day!

 Christmas morning came around our usual wake up time - 7:00am.  I can't remember if the boys woke up at the same time or if one of them had to be woken up.  Chad occupied the boys upstairs while I got the video camera ready down stairs! 
The reaction from the boys was surprisingly calm.  Obviously Carson didn't really have a clue as to what was going on, and I'm not entirely sure Griffin did either.  It was fun to see all the "pieces" slowly come together for him this year - Santa, asking for certain gifts, Christmas morning, etc.  Griffin was excited by his train table but in a very calm way.  I think he was just taking it all in - at his own pace.  We thought he'd go crazy over his much anticipated circus train, but there wasn't much of a reaction at all!  Haha...guess you never know what you expect as parents. 
It was pretty nice actually.  The morning was fairly calm and definitely fun.  Griffin went slowly, from toy to toy, giving each one some play time...obviously the trains and train table were favorites though!  I think Carson also had fun going from toy to toy...he loved everything!

Everyone playing with their new gifts!

Papa Don and Boo got to see what Santa brought the boys with a little "Face Time." Isn't technology wonderful?!

After we enjoyed our morning at home, we got ready to head over to Aunt Cindy's house for the traditional Christmas brunch.  A yummy meal and a chance to share stories from the morning!
I love how C is looking up at Papa Charlie here.

Oh, how I love Gaga!

Three generations.

The ladies.

After a busy day, it was nice to come back home and wind down.  We took time to remember that it was also Jesus' birthday and Griffin had fun singing happy birthday to him.  And even though the house was a mess and our new toys were everywhere, sitting under a blanket and snuggling with my boy made me one happy mama!  It was a very, merry Christmas.

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