Friday, August 19, 2011

Forgive and Forget?

So, I know Griffin will forgive me for the traumatic events of today...but will he forget?  I'm not so sure.

We went to one of the fancy-schmancy haircut places to get Griffin lookin' good for his first week of "school."  {We've got a week before he starts.  Yay!}  I was hoping that he would love - or at least be distracted by - the toys, the snacks, the movie showing on the flat screen TV, and the totally awesome police car (complete with steering wheel) that he got to sit in.

He. Did. Not. Like. ANY OF IT!

This is before the scissors were even in sight!  He panicked the minute we put him in that chair.

After these first 2 pictures I had to put the camera away and try to offer any help possible to Griffin and/or the poor woman cutting his hair.  I thought he was crying pretty hard in the first place, but when the lady pulled out the electric razor this kid LOST IT!  (At least she was nice enough to warn me.)

After about 3 minutes of "torture" we were done and Griffin was back at the train table.  I went to pay (still think it's too expensive...especially since I felt the need to give a decent tip to the poor lady) and then came back to play with him for a while.  I thought it would be good for him to realize that this place is pretty cool.  Everything was great until he heard a loud BUZZ from a room in the back.  I think it may have been laundry, but Griffin must have associated it with the deadly razors cutting his hair.  The water works started again so we packed up and left (to the delight of everyone else in the store, no doubt).

So, Mama rewarded him (for his good behavior??) with a DumDum afterwards and life was good again.  His haircut DOES look fabulous, but I think we will do a few more home-grown haircuts until I can't keep up with it anymore.

From here, we headed to JoAnne fabrics for me to pick something up.  Unfortunately the woman in front of me was having a piece of foam cut...foam is cut with an electric electric knife sounds a lot like the deadly razor.  Needless to say Griffin lost it again.  Unfortunately for the other patrons in the store, this Mama drove a long way to get there and I wasn't leaving without my fabric!!  Turns out I'm good at giving mean looks right back to the ladies who like to cast annoyed glances at my screaming child.


So, Griff...Sorry for the traumatic day.  I really do feel bad, but your hair looks fantastic!


  1. Poor baby. Why did you do that mom!?! Haha! So cute! I sure do miss you two!

  2. oh lawd. I am scared. MK's mullet MUST go. G is so laid back and sweet and he melted. MK is not. This could be ugly.