Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Travels

I didn't realize how much we've been on-the-go until I saw it all here, in this post.  We've had some great trips this summer and still have a few more planned as we creep into Fall.

We started our summer with a very cool {literally and figuratively}, much needed get-away for Chad and me...just the two of us!  This year marked our 5 year wedding anniversary so we decided to really celebrate with a trip to San Diego, CA.  Neither one of us had ever been and it was a spot we wanted to check off our list.  We spent 5 great days touring around the city, taking in the sights and ended the trip with a beautiful drive up the coast, stopping in a few awesome beach towns!

We were able to catch a Padres game.  Beautiful stadium!

We couldn't go to San Diego and not check out the zoo, right?  Turns out it was well worth the cost.  Very cool zoo!

Torrey Pines was high on Chad's list.  (Isn't our convertable sweet?  Made for a very fun ride up the coast.)

A picnic lunch on Laguna Beach.  A highlight of the trip for me!

Our next trip was also just for us "grown-ups!"  One of my BFF's, Bri, was getting married and I was lucky enough to be a awesome excuse for a long weekend in Charelston!
Beautiful Bride!

Fun hanging out with Shannon!

The little man was in tow for our next adventure to Daytona Beach for July 4th.  We were dreading the long drive, but Griff did a pretty good job!  He didn't sleep much, but he was content to watch his Thomas the Train and Bob the Builder videos.  We arrived late Thursday night and stayed until Tuesday.  Ramsey and Jenna joined us on was great to have everyone there for some fun in the sun!
1. 2. 3...weee!

Griffin was never too far away from his dump truck!  It took him a little time to warm up to the sand and water but once he got comfortable with everything, he loved being on the beach!

Heading to the water with Aunt Jenna and Uncle Ramsey.

Griffin learned to surf on dry land....

...while Dada gave surfing a go in the water!

2nd annual 4th of July family photo.

Next, we headed down to Mobile, AL for Haley and Cam's wedding {Haley is Chad's cousin}.  It was a great wedding and an even better weekend seeing the Purvis side of the family.  We don't get to see them a lot, so it's always good to catch up.  Thankfully the wedding was the perfect occasion to get everyone in one place!
Cousin love!

The perfect bench for these two rascals.

Chad, Griffin and the Parsons kids!

Sweet picture of Chad, Griffin and Grandma Purvis.

The boys in their matching outfits.

As moms we've got to caputre moments like this when we are showered, WITH make-up on, and cute outfits!  :)

Luckily Griffin slept a while on the ride home!  All that traveling wore him out :)

So, there are our summer travels in a nutshell.  It has been busy and great with much needed family, as well as much needed Chad and Rachel time.  We love being with our boy, but it's so nice to get away every now and then to rejuvinate, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?!

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