Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day of PreSchool

Griffin has started school!  His first day of preschool was on Tuesday and in the words of the preschool director, Mrs. Cindi, he had a "rough" day.  haha.... 

Let's back up to the night before...

This mama was nervous and wanted to make sure I had everything prepared for the next day.  Here's everything that needed to go in his bag.

The Griffster is sleeping clue what awaits him in the morning (though we have been talking about school a lot to try to get him use to the idea).

We started our day with a healthy breakfast and some light reading.  Luckily Griffin couldn't see the big boo-boo square on his forehead.  I'm sure he would have been embarrassed if he could.  Hopefully this isn't foreshadowing of a big ole' zit on the first day of high school or something.  ;)

All ready to go, but we had to take pictures first with our new bag!

He liked carrying it himself .  It's almost as big as he is!

Here we are!  He actually started running towards the door all by himself.  I was thinking that this would be easier than expected!  But - when he made it to the door I said, "you ready to go in?"  He quickly responded with a sweet, "Nooo!" and turned to run the other way.  haha.

We waited for our friend Tate to get there so we could walk in with him (hoping it would make things easier).  I love the look on Griffin's face

Griffin and Tate....I realize I should have left at this point but I was still holding all of Griffin's things, so I wasn't sure what to do!  (I'll have to work on a quick exit next time.)

He has now realized that I've left.  Doesn't that face just break your heart?!

So, once I left I was fine.  I wasn't sure whether I'd be emotional or not, but luckily I was with a friend and, frankly, was so excited about some alone time to get too teary about things.  I figured Griffin would calm down and have a great time.  Apparently that wasn't really the case....

Pick up was at 1:00, so Chad and I decided to meet for lunch and go pick him up together, anxious to hear how great he did.  We were waiting in the lobby of the church for them to open the doors.  There were a lot of parents waiting and then out comes the preschool director.  We made eye contact and she asked whose mom I was.  I said, "Griffin Herring."  She said, "Ohhh, he's had a rough day."  WHAT?!

Apparently he just cried off and on all day.  He was fine when they were playing outside (duh), but just kept missing us!  It sounds like he got a lot of personal attention - evident by the smell of women's perfume all over him.  I think he was well taken care of, which makes me feel good.  When they opened the doors to let parents go to the rooms, Chad and I headed in that direction.  We could hear Griffin crying before we even made it to his door.  We peaked in the room and the rest of the class appeared to be resting or sleeping, laying on their nap mats.  Our kid was sitting up (on his nap mat - aka a folded over blanket from home) with a teacher reading a book to him, trying to keep him from disturbing all the other kids I'm sure.

Oh well, so much for a good first day of school.  We'll just have to take it one day at a time and hopfully it will get better and better each day.
Here's his "report card" from the first day.  I'm not sure how reliable this is seeing as how the teacher has circled "quiet" and "sleep" in the "end of the day" column.  Sleepy?  Probably.  But I know he wasn't quiet!
We're heading back tomorrow for day two.  I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!


  1. Ah... great post! The zit comment made me laugh out loud since we have a similar boo-boo at all times! Love the picture of G and T together, hopefully today will be a better day for the big man....

  2. Bless his heart!! Hope things get better. But I admit I wouldn't mind more pictures of that precious pout!