Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

This summer has been busy to say the least.  I feel like it has been looooong, but it has been fun too.  Griffin is at a fun (most of the time) age because he likes to play and get out and do stuff.  In fact, most of the summer has consisted of coming up with new and exciting ways to keep this munchkin entertained.  Here's a snap shot of some of the things we've done this summer!

We celebrated Father's Day.  We love our dads!!

Griffin has  learned tried to feed himself yogurt with a spoon.  We still need lots of practice, but Mama can't get over the mess it makes!

We have cooled off in the fountains at Centennial Olympic Park.  Griffin had SUCH a good time and even thought it was funny when the water shot straight up his nose.

Now THAT is a kid who is loving life!

We made a few trips to the Georgia Aquarium with friends.  This has turned out to be a great activity to kill a large part of the day and stay out of the heat.  Griffin has so much fun just running around the place.  I have to be on my toes to keep up with him!

With Molly!

Checking out the fish with his friend Leah!
 The whole family had fun at the Children's Museum, but I think Dada had the most fun out of anyone!

We've had fun playing with grandparents and great grandparents - they all do a good job of tiring each other out!  I think everyone takes good afternoon naps when we leave.
This is a "go-cart" that Gingi made when Ramsey was young.  I have many memories riding on this thing.  So neat that it's still around!  (This picture was from the very beginning of the summer...doesn't he look young?)

Gingi sure knows how to make Griffin happy. 

Griffin loves this car at Papa and Gigi's house.
Papa came up with a new, fun way for Griffin to get around!  Griffin likes making other people work hard for his enjoyment.
Gigi has entertained herself this summer by finding "new" toys for Griffin at Goodwill (on Tuesdays she gets a senior discount)!
  We have tried to find creative ways to stay cool.  This summer has been H. O. T!!

Many days have been spent at the pool!

Is there anything better than playing in the rain without a care in the world?

So excited to run around in the rain that we lost a shoe!

It's way cooler to play IN the water table!

And, thankfully, with so much going on this summer, we have also taken some really good naps.  Having so much fun is hard work!

I've heard someone say that "these are the longest days of the shortest years of your life."  That about sums it up and I wouldn't trade these memories for anything in the WORLD!