Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sweet Land of Liberty

We were Daytona bound for the weekend of July 4th. We were dreading the 7 hour drive with Griffin, which ended up being about 8+ hours (I think). Traffic was terrible getting out of Atlanta, but I think we did okay with time - all things considered. Griffin did great on the trip until I jinxed it by saying, "Wow, if he goes to sleep after this next bottle, we're home free!" Well...needless to say, he didn't just drift off to sleep as we would have hoped. What I said was a 20 minute tantrum, Chad claimed was a good, hour long tantrum. I guess I'm able to block a lot of that out since I'm around it all day. hahah....

BUT - once we arrived (after 11pm on Friday), we had a GREAT time at the beach with the entire family! It was so great to have everyone together and just relax. A beach vacation feels way more like a vacation when grandparents are around!!

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking....

Our beach set up was perfect!

G and his look alike, uncle Ramsey.

Just chillin.....

I love this picture!

G loved stomping his feet in the sand.

Almost asleep with GiGi...

He had the perfect place to rest in the back of the car.

Passed out with sweet.

Drinkin' on the beach at such an early age!

Playing in the water with Charlie...the difference in skin color cracks me up! Ebony and Ivory...

Out to dinner for a yummy seafood boil....

Notice the bibs?

We had 2 of these platters....the amount of food was out of control...we had left over shrimp for the next 2 days.

A storm rolled in and cleared the beach and pool area...that's why Ramsey is just hanging in the air by himself....CANNON BALL!!

We had a family photo shoot on the beach in our whites and khakis...they turned out pretty good. The ones with the entire family are on my mom's camera, so I don't have any to will just have to wait for the Knight Christmas card!

Griffin was pretty fussy during the shoot....he should be use to all these pictures by now, but he wasn't having it that night.

Ramsey and Jenna...

Not quite ready to stand in the hands, but we're working on it!

The grandparents, Gigi and Charlie. They love this boy!!

I love this boy too! How could you not?!....even if he is fussy.

Enjoying left over shrimp and cocktails before dinner.

Pretty sunset from the balcony!

Ramsey, Jenna and Chad left Monday morning to head back to Atlanta. The aunt and uncle are getting in a few extra minutes with their favorite nephew before they have to leave.

With my extra time at the beach I was able to meet Lindsay and her mom for lunch...and I got to meet her sweet little Carter for the first time! He is about 2 months younger than Griffin. It was so much fun to catch up and see each other!

....and of course we had to go see my dad on his tower. This is a new location from last year and he really likes it. There's not much action and that suits him just fine! ;)

Charlie and his sidekick.

It was such a great trip and a great time with our family. It's hard to find time when everyone can get together for an extended period of time, so we really enjoyed ourselves!

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