Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Promise to Always Have Gum in my Purse!

By now this is old news to many, but I have been meaning to post a blog for a while now to celebrate the fact that we're going to be an Aunt and Uncle!!! That's right - Chad's sister, Natalie, is expecting her first baby on November 28th! Talk about something to be thankful for, huh?!

Natalie and Jake broke the news to the Herrings and Chad and I on Easter when they came to visit. Natalie had Easter gifts for her first I was like, "What? She got them Easter gifts?! Way to make us look bad Natalie...we didn't get them anything!" Then I was like, "hmmmm...she's giving them Easter gifts. Maybe I should get my camera out." Lucky, I was able to catch the moment the news was revealed!

Don and Shirley opening their gifts. . .

Shirley has caught on . . . Don still has no idea what is going on . . .

Ahhhhh! Everyone is sooooooooooooooooooo happy! (I get teary eyed all over again just looking at these pictures.)

Uncle Chad!

The proud grandparents!!

. . .and a few weeks ago, Natalie and Jake found out that they are having a sweet baby boy!! We're so happy that Griffin will have a boy cousin so close to his age. They will be BFF's for sure!

So, CONGRATULATIONS NATALIE AND JAKE! I'm am thrilled to be an aunt and I hereby vow to be the "cool aunt" and to always have gum in my purse for baby boy Boyd. (They are in the final stages of picking out a name.) You guys will be such great parents and we can't wait to go through the joys and struggles (yes, there will be a few) of parenthood with you guys!

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  1. Congrats Jake and Nat Nat !!!! And Rachel I may have to fight you for that title!!! HA