Saturday, July 24, 2010

Always Something New

Griffin is growing up so quickly, it literally feels like he is doing something new every week (if not everyday)! He has been more mobile for a while now - he scoots over to toys that he wants to play with, he pivots around and around on his play mat, and he's been pushing himself up with his arms a good bit. Well, this week he is getting closer and closer to crawling!! He has figured out how to get his knees up under him and he rocks back and forth. It's pretty adorable.

Check out his progress...

And here are some still shots of all the hard work Griffin is doing!

Pushing up again...ready to get moving!

It's really exciting to think that he is on the verge of crawling, however, it's a little bit scary too! Soooo many things will change once he begins to move all around. (Who knows, maybe I can shed those last few pounds once I'm chasing him around everywhere!) Chad and I need to seriously start thinking about baby proofing the house!!


  1. My nephew is a genius. I can’t believe it has not even been a week since we have seen him and how much progress he has made! We are proud of you Griffin. Also, I love the new blog wallpaper :)

  2. So darn cute! Love it! I just ordered some Baby Legs (well actually it is another version of them but I forget the name)...I don't need them yet for crawling, but I just think they are so cute. They pop up sometimes on babysteals or mamabargains for a good price. I got 5 pairs for $16...usually they are $12 each. They might work for Griffin too!

    Can't wait to get back into tennis full time so I can see you and your little man...your big man too I guess!