Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nice Little Saturday

We had a nice little Saturday. Chad and I each got to run a few errands we needed to take care of and the spent time with the little man. We got out some of his summer stuff/swimwear to see what fit him. We're heading to Hilton Head on Tuesday, so we're really excited for Griffin's first vacation and his first pool/beach experience!!

Here are just a few pictures from today...

This video is really cute. You get to hear some good laughs out of Griffin. I apologize for the darkness, especially towards the end. The sun went behind a cloud and ruined my light!

Oh! .....I almost forgot the MOST exiting part of the day (and of the year for Chad). We went out to eat at Jim and Nick's for dinner tonight and saw PAUL JOHNSON - Georgia Tech's head football coach!! I spotted him. I said, "that guys looks just like Tech's football coach." Chad got a look at him and confirmed...then he immediately got nervous about what he was going to say to him. I've never seen Chad so giddy! hahah.... So, as we were walking out Chad went up to his table and quickly said, "Coach Johnson, I'm a big fan! I've got your future quarter back here (he was holding Griffin in the infant carrier). Good luck next season!" It was a very quick interaction because Paul was eating and Chad didn't want to disturb him, but he seemed really nice, as did his family...his wife and his daughter were all smiles and they even turned to smile at me too!

Needless to made Chad's night!

Here's another quick video of the little man....


  1. Hope you have some good videos by the time we get there.