Tuesday, May 18, 2010

City Champs & Slumber Parties

We had a great weekend and a really busy Saturday! Chad's tennis team made it to the ALTA City Finals...and they won! Yay! Chad and his partner Navin were the ones to clench the championship, and it's a good thing since Chad definitely had the most spectators there to watch him!

Cliff, Erica and Jack came to watch....
Look at that sweet boy!

.....and Gingi, mom and dad came to watch too (now, whether they came to watch Chad or Griffin, I'm still not sure).

Griffin is Chad and Navin's good luck charm. Good thing he just has to BE there and doesn't have to watch. I think he slept the entire time. It was HOT out there, thus the sweaty, red face. So sweet.


Chad and his partner Navin. They are great together.

From the tennis match we went over to my grandparents to shower (they live really close to the courts) and then off to Jana's wedding! Jana is a good friend from work, or should I say my FORMER place of employment. :)

It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding and so fun to catch up with work friends. Look at those pretty Phi Mu ladies!

While we were at the wedding, Griffin was hanging out with his grandparents and getting ready for his first slumber party!! My parents were so excited to keep G over night!

Chad and I had a fun evening and enjoyed being able to stay as late as we wanted with out having to get back home to relieve the "babysitters." Our first night away from Griffin since he was born.....lots of people asked if it was hard.....is it bad that is wasn't at all?! haha....Just knowing that we could sleep in was fantastic! (Though we were both up and at 'em around 7:30...creatures of habit.)

................and the report from the babysitters: Griffin did GREAT! They took him around to a few neighbors house to show him off, then gave him a bath, then put him to bed. He went down with out a problem and slept until after 7! Go Griffin! Then, Sunday morning they took him to church where they continued to show him off to their friends. He went to the nursery (another 1st) where Mrs. Moody looked after him. Mrs. Moody was MY preschool teacher! After church we met my parents and G at Happy Garden (our favorite Chinese place) where G got to meet Tina! (our favorite Happy Garden waitress.)


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  1. Way to go Chad! and Way to go mommy and daddy for the night out!