Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ella Ella bo Bella

Last week Griffin and I went on a little road trip to Griffin...that's right, Griffin was in Griffin (laugh it up!). We went to visit Miss Ella Doughtie, my friend Shannon's sweet baby girl. Shannon is a good friend from high can read about her in my previous post called "Shout Outs."

Here's Miss Ella. Look at all of that hair and that sweet little bow!

Griffin looked so huge next to Ella and also seemed so "boyish." Maybe it was because Ella was so tiny next to him, but her little features just seemed so girly and dainty. PRECIOUS!
haha...G's tummy is about as big as E's entire body here. (He had just finished 6oz. so I'll cut him some slack.) Look how long Ella is...not a big suprise since her parents are TALLLLL people.

I think this picture is just so sweet! We stuffed them in a Boppy together for a few pictures. haha...they are adorable.

"Hey you....wanna play?"
Soon they will be big enough to play with each other! I was suprised at how Griffin was actually looking at her and noticing that there was another person there on his blanket. A step up from our last play date with some other cuties!

Can you believe Shannon had a baby 2.5 weeks ago and already looks this good? You make me sick woman. (Note to self: a shower is a good idea when you know there are photo opportunities in your future.)

We had a great time visiting our friends and REALLY wished we lived closer so we could do it more often!!! Shannon, your babe is absolutely precious and I lover her already. Can't wait for E and G to hang out again!

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