Sunday, May 9, 2010

My 1st Mother's Day! I really a MOM? And am I really lucky enough to be THIS KID'S mom?! It's a cool/strange realization that I'll be celebrating Mother's Days for years to come!

I had a GREAT 1st Mother's Day. It was stretched out over 2 weekends. We celebrated early with Ramsey and Jenna since they were going to be out of town with Jenna's family over the actual holiday. They had us over to their house for a cook out.

Here's G on the way to Uncle Ramsey and Aunt Jenna's house...he had a new outfit on.

I really see a lot of resemblance between these two...

Griffin thinks Ramsey is pretty funny!!
Hmmmm...look like naturals to me. I think they should think about taking a ride on the baby train! woo, wooo (Oh my goodness...being a mom is making me totally dorky)! I'm going to be so good at embarrassing my child.

With the great grands....Griffin thinks GinGi's arm tastes great! He'll suck on anything he can get his mouth on these days.

We had grilled salmon for was great!

Ramz and I with GaGa....

Now here are pictures from actual Mother's Day. My day started by sleeping in until 8:00, thanks to Chad who took care of G when he woke up. I hardly ever get to sleep that late anymore! (And who would have ever thought that sleeping in until 8am would be such a luxury?!) Then the boys came in to wake me two favorite people in the world...such a great way to start the day!
After throwing on some clothes we headed down stairs and there was a card and a present with my name on it..."MOM." Griffin got me a 90 minute massage! How did he know?! His dad must have told him that I complain on a daily basis about the soreness through out my entire body (who knew that lugging a baby around all day could be such a work out?).
Then, we headed out to a Mother's Day breakfast at WAFFLE HOUSE! (My request....) It was G's first WH experience! He told us he can't wait to actually eat a waffle.
.....and since it was Mother's Day, Griffin picked up the tab. Sweet heart!

Later that afternoon we headed over to GaGa and GinGi's house for lunch. Three generations of "mothers" neat!
............Ummm? Is it Father's Day?

Then we headed home and relaxed for the rest of the day. This included a nice nap on the couch for everyone, and my nap included snuggling with this little cuddle bug. That never gets old.

Then it ended with a bath for G before bedtime. I made Chad take a few pictures of me with my boy because I really don't have that many (now I know what it feels like to always be the one behind the camera...I never fully appreciated my mom for taking on the "duty" of the photographer, but some one's gotta do it, right?!)

Such a fantastic day! It was great to be included in the celebration of mothers everywhere! I now have a new appreciation for moms....It's cool to know that the way I feel about Griffin is the same way my mom feels about me and Ramsey; the same way Shirley feels about Chad and Natalie; the same way our grandmothers feel about their kids and grandkids and GREAT grandkids. It's just such an awesome "thing" that you can't experience until you're there....and it's a "thing" that you can't really put into's just....AWESOME.

So, thanks to all who made this Mother's Day special. I'm truly honored to be a "mom" and to join the ranks of so many other great mothers!

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