Friday, August 3, 2012

July 4th Weekend: New Place, Same Great Fun!

The past few years we have made Daytona over the 4th a Knight family tradition.  This year, with the addition of TWO precious babies, we decided to forgo the 8 our drive and settle on a 2 hour drive to beautiful lake Hartwell!  While it wasn't a nice loooong vacation, we were able to make a long weekend out of it and it was great!  Griffin had been up there once before, and it had been forever since Chad and I spent any time up there.  Obviously it was Carson's first trip and I'll speak for him and say he loved it. 

As seems to be the norm these days, Griffin was very scared cautious about everything in the beginning...which is okay with me.  He likes to do things at his own pace, but always seems to come around, which I love!  He's a cautious adventurer!  So, after he spent a little time on the dock, we moved on to spending some time on the parked boat.  By the time we were ready to head out for a pontoon ride, Griffin was on board with the idea and loved it.

How cute is he?!

Carson did great on his first boat ride.  Had a bottle and then enjoyed the ride.

Griffin even got to drive the boat!

Sloppy eater.

The Herrings!

It's tradition to go under the bridge and signal at the trucks passing on top to honk their horns.  Griffin kind of got into it and liked saying "whoop whoop!"
Hey!  Thanks for the honk man.

Carson got a turn behind the wheel too.

Hello sweetness!

Swimming under the pontoon.  Griffin was actually brave enough to go because we told him it was the "Misty Island Tunnel."  (A Thomas reference for those who don't know.)

Griffin did great with his puddle jumper to help him swim.  Kick, kick, kick, kick!

Playing with is trucks.

Two cool dudes if you ask me! 

We, of course, had to have a family photo shoot.  Griffin did as well as we expected him to. 

We were bribing him with bites of brownie.  He's ready for more!

These two look like they are conspiring....could be trouble in the years ahead!

....and Griffin is done.

We were able to capture one good group shot!  The group has grown by 2 since last 4th of July!

Another evening boat ride.  There's nothing better!

The moms and their babies.

I love this picture...

...and this one.  That smile can melt some hearts!
It was a great weekend with family!  I just can't wait to see these boys grow up together and become great friends.  We look forward to many more family vacations like this!

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  1. Ya'll are so sweet! And your boys are oh so cute! Love all these precious pictures! Love ya'll!