Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Start of Something Good

Last night was a milestone night in the Herring household!  Griffin and Carson spent the night in the same room for the first time!  For some reason I am just giddy over this.  I really think it's the start of something good; something awesome and fun!  For one, it means Carson is no longer sleeping in Mama and Dada's room...more restful for everyone!  (Okay, mostly just me since the other two people in the room can sleep through most anything.)  But most importantly, I feel like this is the beginning of such a special bond between brothers.  I picture them sharing a room for years to come, even when we have the space and it's not necessary for them to share...I'm picturing bunk beds, giggles, staying up late and getting into lots of trouble!

How cute are these two?!
 So, Mr. Carson has been sleeping through the night pretty regularly now for a couple weeks.  Woohoo!  He got to where he was only waking up once in the middle of the night (sometime between 2am and 4am) and once or twice he made it until 6am or so on his own.  We decided that we'd try to just stop feeding him when he woke up and let him cry it out (I know, I're either for it or against it.  It worked with G so we decided to do the same with C.)  Once we committed to this, Carson would wake up between 4am and 4:30am, cry for 10 minutes or less, then fall back to sleep until it was time to wake up.  A few nights of this (3-4) and he as been sleeping through the night for almost 2 weeks now!

We have been talking about when we would put C in the boys room a lot lately and just decided that last night would be as good as any!  We asked Griffin if he wanted Carson to sleep in his room with him (we've been telling him since C was born that when he got a little bigger they would share a room) and he said, "Ohhh yeah!"  So after bottles, baths, jammies, stories and prayers, we tucked both boys in and shut the door...then immediately went to the video monitor to spy on them!

As usual Griffin did some talking and some singing to himself - well, I guess now to Carson.  I think he must have been excited because he seemed a little more amped up than usual.  G went on and on for about 45 minutes and we didn't hear a peep from Mr. C.  Once G finally calmed down a bit and was quiet, Carson piped up and started crying...loudly.  Chad and I think he was probably comforted by all of Griffin's chattering and was confused as to why it was so quiet all of the sudden!  Haha.  We were curious to see how G would react to C's crying...he was strangely quiet and stayed in bed, popping up every now and then saying, "What's wrong Carson?"  "It's okay Carson."  {So darn sweet!}
This is a picture of the screen on our video monitor.  If you can make it out, you can see G sitting up, looking over his bed rail.  {Note: NONE of the information on the video monitor screen is not call DFACS, it is not 82 degrees in that room!}

We let Carson cry on and off for about 15 minutes but when he didn't calm down I decided to go up there.  As soon as I walked in G said, "Carson is upset!"  I went to pick up Carson, (Griffin immediately jumped out of bed to help me) patted him on the back, a huge burp came out, I laid him back down and that was all we heard from the Carson man.  {I'm not sure if I've mentioned that he's a perfect baby yet, but he is...seriously.}    After that things were pretty quiet upstairs.  G still did some moving around but by about 9:15pm all was quiet.  Phew! 

I captured a few pictures of the boys when I went in to get Carson for his 10pm feeding.  I snapped the pictures, scooped up Carson in his swaddle, fed him in our room, then slipped him right back into bed.  Seamless!

I didn't hear a peep until 7:05am!!  I'm pretty sure Carson woke up first and woke up G.  Again, as soon as I walked in the room Griffin said, "Carson is upset!"  ...and then we started our day!

Tonight has gone well so far.  Things were much quieter upstairs...Griffin wasn't AS talkative (though I did hear him talking to Carson a few times) and there was no crying from C.  I think everyone was out by about 8:30 - very good considering they went down at 8.

All of my boys reading before bed.  Priceless!

So, here's to Griffin and Carson - BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!

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  1. That is just the sweetest thing ever! You've got the cutest little boys! So glad things are going well for both boys - together in their own room! Love it!