Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Busy Summer For the G Man

This train-loving 2 year old has had a busy summer.  Well, now that I say that I'm not sure that I'd call it busy since we stayed home most of the summer and were actually inside a lot (remember, we've got a new born in the house folks), but Griffin is a busy body and is always on the go...even if it's just to the island of Sodor - a very busy place in Griffin's vivid imagination. 
 Here are a few highlights of the summer:
Griffin is still VERY into his trains.  He could (and does) literally spend hours playing with his trains on the track.  It's really fun to watch him.  He has started telling little stories and giving his trains voices.  Most of the stories revolve around Thomas episodes in some way or another and they all start the same way, "One day...."  It is soooo cute listening to him.  I'm so impressed by his imagination and his story-telling abilities.  Pretty soon he will have his You Tube debut!  (He loves watching other kids play with their trains on the computer.  It makes me feel better to see that other kids are just as obsessed as my child.)

Griffin and Dada had their first "Big Boys Night" complete with a movie, pop corn and beverages!  Mama had a night out with some friends and G had a fun night with Chad.  He was excited about staying up late and watching a new movie.

All snuggled up and ready to watch!

My good friend Molly came to visit for a few days from Tampa.  We had fun showing her all of our trains (many of which she gave to Griffin....she is actually the one who got G started on Thomas with her visit last summer...thanks Molly!), going to the playground and the pool.  We also went to dinner at a fun "food truck park" where we got YUMMY cup cakes.  Griffin really enjoyed the icing and being able to run around like a wild child.

Me and my sweet boy!  I love this picture.

We have had MANY indoor picnic lunches this summer.  It usually means that Mama is too lazy busy to sit at the table with G while he eats...probably feeding little brother his lunch at the same time. 
A major HIGHLIGHT of the summer was going to see The Wiggles in concert with our friend Tate!  Griff really loves The Wiggles and I got lucky and won 4 tickets to the show.  It was their farewell tour, so it was extra special to be able to see the guys - Jeff, Murray, Greg and Anthony - together for the last time!  haha.

The show was at the fabulous Fox theater so we, of course, ate dinner at the Varsity and then walked (that's right - walked!) to the Fox for the show.  I'm not sure who was more excited about it, the boys or Chad and me.
As you can see, the boys LOVED the show. They couldn't even be bothered to turn away for one second for a picture.  It was so fun for Chad and I to see how much fun they were having.  It would have been totally worth it even if we had to pay for the tickets!

Griffin took a big step towards becoming a big boy this summer.  He gave up his paci!  We decided that we would offer him a deal - he could trade in his pacis for a new train.  He didn't pause one second before he said, "oh yeah!"  He and Dada went around to gather up all of his pacifiers in exchange for Emily.  It was a hard transition (the first night especially) and we are still dealing with the ramifications of no paci during nap time.  I'm afraid this is the beginning of the end of naps for my boy.  I will admit, it makes me a little sad that this paci stage is over...he looked so sweet with it in his mouth and it still kind of made him look like a baby, which I loved.  He's growing up so fast!

G has really taken an interest in saving his money and putting it in his piggy bank.  He has already purchased one train this summer (Edward) with his own "monies" and is saving up for another (Hiro).  When Papa Don and Boo came to visit Papa brought a whole bag full of change for G to add to his bank.  I know Papa and Dada take a lot of pride in seeing Griffin save his money! 
Speaking of Papa Don and Boo's visit - it got cut very short because of the arrival of our niece - sweet baby Leah!  Natalie called to say she was in labor and they packed up their bags and left in a flash.  A few hours later Leah made her way into the world.  We are so happy to finally have a little girl around.  Congrats to Nat Nat, Jake and big brother Blake!

Now, this was a first that I wasn't looking forward to at all - our first dentist appointment!  I was sure it was going to be terrible and that G would freak out.  Memories of our first hair cut kept flashing through my head and I would break out in a cold sweat just thinking about it.  Well - this kid sure is growing up because he did GREAT at the dentist!  She counted his teeth (he had twenty), cleaned them and let Griffin hold "Mr. Thirsty" to suck all of the spit, drool and tooth paste out of his mouth.  Afterwards he got a token to put in a machine and got this little orange bouncy ball.  I think he'll have no problems going back in 6 months!  (PS - the dentist was very pleased that he had given up the paci.  We're hoping this means less orthodontic bills in our future.)
Otherwise, we have pretty much been "chillin" this summer. Griffin has been a great big brother to the Carson man.  While he still doesn't show a ton of interest in him, I can tell that's changing quickly.  I often ask him to go talk to Carson if he's crying and G will usually oblige.  It's so funny and cute to hear Griffin talk to him because I can tell he's imitating me.  His voice gets really high and sing-songy and he'll say, "Haaay Carson.  It's okay Carson.  What's wrong Carson?  I know... I know..."  (as in like a soothing there, there kind of way).  It's adorable.  What's even more adorable is that Carson immediately stops crying and is absolutely enamored with his big brother.

And what better way to end the summer than with the first day of school?!  Mama Griffin has been looking forward to this all summer!  haha.  Really though, he was excited!  He's in the same class as his buddy Tate along with some of the other kiddos from his class last year. 

Unlike last year, Griffin walked right in his classroom with no tears and lots of excitement for the day.  When I picked him up he said he had a lot of fun.  I asked him what he did and he said, "I played with cars but they didn't have any tracks or trains."  (Thank goodness.)

So, I'd say Griffin's first summer as a big brother was a huge success.  There was a lot of change and a lot of growing up which is very bitter sweet for this Mama.  I'm so proud of the big boy he is becoming but a little emotional - okay very emotional (typing through tears now) - about the baby boy he is leaving behind.
Okay, enough mushy stuff.  I'll leave you with something to laugh about.  Chad and I are afraid G might get kicked out of school tomorrow because he has - all of a sudden - become super interested in his penis and wants to "take it out" and talk about it all the time.  Tonight in the bath tub he told a story that started like this..."One day, the penis...."  Thankfully it trailed off from there but he repeated that intro about 50 times.  I'm sure the fact that Chad and I were laughing our heads off didn't help the fact.  Oh well.  Boys will be boys and they sure are FUN!



  1. Super duper cute! G is a great kiddo and his little bro is a squishy lil love bug! Love your boys!

  2. Can I just say how precious your Family is? How lucky all 3 of those boys are to have you as their favorite girl!! Xoxo