Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Carson Man

Just a few pictures of our 2 month old these days!  I swear he's getting bigger (and heavier) by the minute.  In an effort to give this child a nice, round head we've been spending time in the Bumbo seat lately.  He actually does pretty well in it!  I had forgotten about this little seat until I went back and looked at a post of Griffin right around this same age and he was in the Bumbo.  These pictures look pretty similar!  (Carson, I think you're actually doing a little better than your big brother was at the time.) 

Well hello there little stud muffin!  (Can I call my own son a stud muffin?)

That head is starting to get a little heavy to hold up, but he did a great job...and with a smile on his face too!

Again, working on that head...tummy time.  You're getting stronger and stronger!

Of course it helps motivate you when you've got fun train to look at.  That's Charlie and Molly...say hello!

And even though these pictures make it look like we're doing a good job on our homework of lots and lots of tummy time, we still spend a lot of time on our back.  Carson just loves his play mat and could stare at all of those bright colors all day long.  He's even getting to the point where he can reach over and/or up and grab the toys hanging down.  Go Carson...we are proud of you!

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