Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Video Update: 13+ Months

Just wanted to share some videos of our little rascal these days.  I swear, he's turning into such a big boy!  He talks a LOT...just can't wait until we know what he's saying!  You can hear him jabbering away in this first video.  I shot it one morning this week and he didn't know I was filming.  Mornings have been fun lately because after breakfast we come in the living room and play and watch some baby TV shows.  He is just starting to show an interest in a few of the shows (the ones with trains, cars, etc) and is having fun entertaining himself.  I have fun just sitting back and observing most of the time.

In this video he is running around with diapers in his hands having so much fun!  Every once in a while he'll decide to pull all of the diapers out of the caddy and he thinks it's so funny.  He really thinks he's getting away with something.  He'll get my attention and then start giggling and run away from me with diapers in hand.  Such a booger!

Griffin is definitely getting more and more adventurous.  As I was typing this post I had to take a break and focus my attention on the little man as he figured out a way to use his car (that you saw him playing with in the first video) as a step stool to get up on the sofa all by himself.  I looked over to find him on the couch, with his paci in his mouth (which was up on the couch), standing up and leaning against the back of the sofa watching TV.  When he saw that I noticed what he'd done, he smiled and started laughing and attempted to straddle the arm of the couch.  I immediately took a break from blogging and went and tickled him to death.  He's so fun.

Here are a few recent pictures:

Griffin had a ball on this bouncey thing at his friend Henson's 2nd birthday party.  He had no fear!

Into the diapers again....

This is kind of gross, but G's hair was really greasy because he stuck his fingers in his hair after eating buttery noodles...we decided to give him a new hair-do to show off his long locks.

He crawled into the toy chest and played in there for a while.

Look closely and you can see those 2 top teeth popping through!  (finally)