Monday, December 13, 2010

Little Man Needed a Vacation

Griffin leads such a stressful life, we figured he needed a little vacation!

Just kidding. But, he did go on vacation to spend 5 days with his grandparents in Hilton Head! (Technically, Bluffton, but HH sounds more exciting.) I know grandparents covet that "alone time" with their grandchildren, so Chad and I wanted to give Gram and Grandpa some special time with Griffin without us (mainly me) looking over their shoulder thinking (not saying), "Oh, that's not how I do it..." Also, G's cousin Blake was due to arrive very soon, so we wanted to make the most of G's time as the ONLY GRANDCHILD!

So, to make the hand-off, my mom rode with G and I in the car to Macon. There, we met the Herrings and had a nice lunch a Cracker Barrel before we went in our separate directions. (Yes, I teared up a little bit leaving my boy, but I knew he was going to have the BEST time, so I wasn't too terribly sad.)

As soon as they arrived at Gram and Grandpa's house, G started exploring! They've got lots of fun toys there and lots of windows to look out of (and leave finger prints on) of G's favorite things to do!

...and before bedtime, G got to go on a golf cart ride to watch some night golf going on in the neighborhood!

After a long day of traveling and playing, I'm sure everyone was tired and ready for bed.

From what I understand, Griffin was up bright and early every morning!

Luckily, Gram and Grandpa had lots of activities planed! They went for walks on the golf course, ate lots of puffs, played at the play ground, washed some dishes, went swimming in the hot tub (a highlight for sure!), and even ran a few errands around town.

I just LOVE these pictures in the hot tub. You can tell that both Griffin and Grandpa are just having the BEST time!

G got some cute, new Christmas pj's too! They attempted a photo shoot, but G was not in the mood to cooperate. (Sitting still is NOT his strong suit.)

On his last day there, Grandpa too Griff to downtown Bluffton to buy some oysters at the May River. It looked like a fun field trip!

I just loved this picture of Gram and Griffin...I like to joke that Griffin doesn't give hugs and kisses, but instead, head butts! It's so cute when he just charges towards you and nuzzles (trying to make it sound sweet here) his head up against yours. Sometimes painful, yes, but I honestly think it's a sign of affection.

Obviously Griffin had a blast with his grandparents and I think they were thoroughly worn out by the end of his stay! We're so lucky that G has wonderful grandparents (and great grandparents) in his life...he doesn't know what a lucky boy he is!
Thanks Gram and Grandpa for spending a fun-filled 5 days with Griffin. More importantly, thanks for documenting the trip with tons of pictures! I didn't miss him as much I as would have had I not received daily photo updates! Y'all are wonderful!

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  1. Adorable! He obviously had a GREAT time! The pictures are too precious! What a blessing!