Thursday, October 7, 2010

Teething Biscuits: A Blessing & a Curse

Well, Griffin is definitely teething. Poor guy seems to be in a lot of pain, especially at night! ( fun for anyone involved.) A friend told me about these teething biscuits and I figured I'd try them out. I bought them in the store and gave him one while I was shopping. It was WONDERFUL and TERRIBLE all wrapped into one hard biscuit.

These things are wonderful because he loves them and it takes him a good 15 minutes to eat (gnaw) on it. (I'm a fan of anything that keeps him occupied for an extended amount of time.)However, these things are also terrible because they make the BIGGEST. MESS. EVER! I've decided that he will only get to enjoy a biscuit when he is trapped somewhere (the high chair or his car seat). ....and the mess is hard to wipe off...not sure why? It's also a bit worrisome that the box has a warning saying that the child should be sitting up right and eat only with parent supervision.

Good thing he's so cute.....

Here is video evidence of the wonderfulness and the terribleness.......enjoy!

Time elapsed between the two videos is about 30 minutes (jk...I wish...probably more like 5).

Oooops! I literally JUST noticed, as I was looking back at this post, that the box says "for babies 9 months and older,".................oh well, even the doctor says G is advanced, right? haha...(oops).


  1. That boy is tooooooooo cute. Keep that sweeping finger handy! I love the new blog header picture! It's especially fun seeing this from Germany. Makes me feel closer!

  2. I wish my life was all about teething biscuits and video bloging...too funny! Griffin just gets cuter and cuter with time! Love this post!

  3. Hey Rachel check out teething tablets, they seem to work wonders for my kids. The hylands brand is the best beacause they dissovle fast.
    This is jenny