Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall is Here!

This week we saw our first glimpse of fall here in Atlanta and it was WONDERFUL! I am so looking forward to cooler days so G can spend more time playing outside. It's great timing because he is at the age now where he loves being outside and is getting adventurous enough to explore the outdoors.

We decided to go play outside for a bit this week. G was not so sure about the grass at first (I think it was pretty itchy on his sweet, sensitive skin), but he warmed up to it pretty quickly and decided that it looked good enough to eat! (We've got to work on that...I'm trying to get him to understand the phrase "NO EAT!")

Oh, were you wondering if I took pictures of our outdoor adventure? Of course I did........

One of Griffin's new favorite "toys" is my cell phone (or Chad's...he's not picky). On this particular day he literally spent 45 minutes crawling around with my phone, eating it, dropping it, picking it up, etc... I have noticed that some buttons work better than others now, but if it makes him all means...slobber on my phone all you want son.

Today, Chad had a tennis match at home and since the weather was just about perfect, G and I spent the morning at the courts with him. Griffin had a great time exploring and everyone on the team couldn't believe how much he'd grown since the last time they saw him.

(Doesn't he look adorable in this outfit?! This is the first time he's worn overalls and I think they make him look like such a little boy.) The rest of the day was spent at usual, G was in constant motion and got a really nice bump on the head (also fairly common around here).

...and though his nap wasn't very long this afternoon (not nearly as long as mom and dad would have liked), he zonked out pretty hard for a little bit.....

Doesn't look very comfortable to me, but the kid was out! (That other leg you can't see is underneath him with his foot right up by his ear.)
So, fall....WELCOME and thanks for finally making your way here.


  1. that last picture is adorable! Tyler & Jenny lost a few phones to Brady playing with them when he was younger. If you guys have an old one I suggest letting G play with that one.

    I love the new background too.

  2. oh my gosh. his picture sleeping totally cracks me up!