Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tell Us Something We Don't Know!

We just got back from Griffin's 6 month check up and Dr. B thinks G is advanced....well, duh. Tell us something we don't know! haha...

Seriously though, she thought Griffin looked fabulous and was very impressed with his crawling! She said that crawling doesn't usually start until 9 months and, as always, she was just so in love with our little man. We love Dr. B too (obviously, she's good at her job of making us feel like we're doing something right)!

Here are his 6 month stats:
  • Weight 17 lbs. / 50%
  • Height 26 3/4 in. / 70%
  • Head Circumference 43 1/2 cm. / 50%

.......and here are some pictures from this week!

We tried out the swings for the first time! I think he would have REALLY liked it if 1) it wasn't sooooo hot outside, and 2) if mommy had remembered to bring his hat.

The sun was really bright so he couldn't really open his eyes very well. I think once fall comes around this will be a fun thing for us to do!

Believe it or not, this is a smile...not a scream.

Later that day, Griffin decided to play underneath his exersauser. He crawled under there all by himself.

So, happy 1/2 birthday Griffin (and 1 day). We are so thankful that you are such a healthy little boy and that you are growing and changing just like you should be, though sometimes we wish that everything wouldn't happen so quickly. It's weird, even though time has flown by and we can't BELIEVE you are already 6 months old, it also seems like you've been here just fit in so well and make everything so fun and rewarding! We love you so much and we can't imagine our lives with out you!!

(Now, could you stop growing up so fast?!)

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  1. What a sweetie pie! That is so funny him crawling under the exersaucer. Guess he figured he'd explored enough on top and it was time to see what adventure laid below.