Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Due Date

So, today is the day we've been waiting for...February 5, 2010...Griffin's due date! BUT...there hasn't even been one iota of an inkling of a FAKE contraction! haha...

I mean, I knew the likelihood of him being born ON his due date was very small, but a girl (and guy, because Chad is beside himself with excitement) can hope, right?!

Just to update everyone in case you haven't heard yet - the doctors want to induce on the 10th should Griffin wait that long to make an entrance. That means that our next week would look like this:

  • Monday - go back to the doctor for another appointment and some monitoring (whatever that or the baby? Not sure).

  • Tuesday - check into the hospital sometime that evening. They will then give me something to get my cervix nice and ready (ewww).

  • Wednesday - that morning they will start the Pitocin to actually induce labor. Should everything go "according to plan" we should have a baby somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 and 8 pm!

Now, of course that is all assuming that he doesn't come on his own before then (please, please, please) and that everything goes "according to plan."

Either way, I think Chad and I feel good about everything. We would LOVE IT if Griffin decided to come on his own, but we're all about kicking him out on the 10th if he doesn't! Sorry buddy...we just can't wait to meet you!

Until then, I thought I'd post this picture again. I find myself going back to this blog post often just to stare at this sweet face!


  1. well, sounds like a waiting game! Good luck with everything and Keep me in the loop....Am praying for you to have a speedy delivery and a healthy baby! SOON!!

  2. So exciting! Can't wait to meet him either! Praying all goes well!

  3. YAY!!! So excited. Can't wait to see little Griff.