Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nursery: Part 2

By popular demand, here are some updated pictures of our nursery! Chad and I (mostly Chad) have been working hard the past few weeks to get it cleaned out, painted and furnished. We still have a little ways to go - ie, Chad has to put the crib together - but we are really happy with how it's turning out!
(PS...I have no clue why it is underlining everything I'm typing...annoying!)
Chad, hard at work. That bathroom gave us a hard time, but we finally got it looking pretty good.
See Griffin, mom helped too...
Thankfully my parents were kind enough to pick up our furniture for us and help us load it in! Thanks mom and dad (aka "GiGi" and "Charlie").
Chad got attacked by a leaf on his way through the yard...he still looks cute though, huh?!

We are really happy with the furniture and really love this dresser!
And after about a week of finishing up and cleaning up - here's what we've got so far!

Cute picture frame my mom got from the Restoration Hardware outlet and a cool lamp we got as a wedding present, and we think it looks perfect in the room!

The bathroom - those are not the towels that will go in there, but Chad's parents are coming this weekend so we figured we'd provide them with some towels.

I love how this room is turning out! This couch has to stay (because we have no where else to put it), but it really doesn't look too bad in the room.

Future home of the crib...

Griffin's room is coming together and I just love going in it and looking around, picturing how it will be when he's finally here! We can't wait! Stay tuned for the "Nursery: Part 3" promises on when that will be. :)


  1. looks great! Can't wait to see it this weekend.

  2. it looks great and so do you! can't wait to see you tomorrow!

  3. I love the dresser and the color! Can't wait until part 3!!