Monday, October 5, 2009

The Nursery: Part 1

While we haven't done a ton of work in the "nursery" yet (for some reason it's weird for me to call it a nursery . . . even the fact that we need a nursery is strange), Chad has gotten us off to a great start with a brand new closet! He designed it himself and went to Home Depot about 13 times to get everything he needed for the project and, if you ask me, he did an excellent job!

The closet just started out with one shelf going across, which left a lot of wasted space - especially since baby clothes are so tiny!

So, the engineer got to work in designing a closet with the most efficient use of space. Here's how it started . . . lots of little pieces. Luckily I was out of town when most of the "construction" was taking place. When I called to check in on how things were going, he was working on getting a blood stain out of the carpet . . . whatever . . . practice makes perfect, right?
We decided to go with two rows of hanging space for most of the closet, a great shelf / storage tower (with drawers and open space) and a small area for long, hanging clothes.
Looks great, huh?!
And, of course, it's not complete without these precious little clothes and goodies that we've already received as gifts. We we so excited to go out and buy hangers so we could put the clothes in the closet.
Chad told me that some mornings he just goes in there to look at the closet. I think part of it is that he's just plain ole' proud of his handy work (as he should be . . . great job Daddy!), but he's also anxiously awaiting Griffin's arrival. We can't wait to actually see him in these precious clothes!


  1. that is so exciting! Chad, you did a great job. I'm a little curious about the blood stain...
    the closet is perfect as, I'm sure, little Griffin will be!
    love you guys!

  2. YAY!!!! I love it!!! Way to go Chad! I want to see all of those little clothes, I bet they are sooo cute. The nursery looks great so far!

  3. Nice closet!! But Mr. G is going to need a lot more clothes to fill up such a great space. We are definitely going to consult ya'll when we have a closet to do! Did you buy a system or DIY?
    Keep the posts comin'! Love the blog!