Thursday, October 22, 2009

My First "Griffin" Dream

Last night, Griffin made his first appearance in a dream! haha...I will probably sound crazy when I re-tell it, but I figure it might be funny to look back on some day. Like most dreams, I only remember bits and pieces, so here goes:

We were out of the hospital but I was seeing Griffin for the first time. He was all covered up in his Graco, Snugride infant carrier and I had to unzip some sort of covering to "unveil" him. I remember being a little taken aback by him...he looked just like Chad when he was little (or from what I've seen in pictures) and I remember thinking, "Gosh, he has a big head." Once the initial shock of the big head was over I, of course, thought Griffin was the cutest baby ever!

The dream went on to make no sense with me picking Griffin up from daycare but they couldn't find him right away (we are going to tour some daycare next week in real life, so I've had daycares on the brain lately). Strangely I wasn't too worried or upset by this but - good news - they were able to find him! So...we got in the car, which turned out to be a plane (that I was piloting myself) and then we got pulled over by air traffic control...

That's about all I remember. Weird, huh?

On a more normal note, we have started making some progress on the nursery! We've decided on a paint color and I am going to pick it up this evening after work. I'm also going to finish taping up the room (my only contribution) so Chad can start painting this weekend! (Chad won't let me help paint...he's already an over protective dad. I think it's sweet though.) After we get the room painted, we plan on picking up our furniture next weekend!

I will certainly do my best to post pictures of the process. I have vowed to myself that I am going to get better about blogging more often - even if I have no pictures to post along with a particular entry (like this one). For some reason I feel pressure to post pictures with every blog entry, like, that's what "makes" the blog. I need to get over that....

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