Wednesday, October 28, 2009

26 Weeks...

As of tomorrow I will have 26 weeks down, 14 weeks to go...(If I'm doing the math right - Chad will correct me if I'm not). WOW! When I say it like that it seems like Griffin's arrival is just around the corner! We can't wait but we still have a lot of getting ready to do.

Here's a picture of the bump. I've started feeling a little guilty about not being one of those new moms that takes a picture every week to keep track of the progress. Oh well...

I feel like my stomach is huge and can't believe that it is just going to keep getting bigger! It doesn't seem like there is much more room for it to grow, but I know it will. According to "the books" Griffin is about 2 pounds now, so there is a lot of growing left to do! He is becoming more and more active and his kicks and punches are starting to get more and more noticeable. It's weird to just be able to see my stomach "jump" and move. It's pretty neat too. I love it when Griffin moves around because it just reassures me that he's in there and that the miracle of life is moving right along!

Here are a few random photos that I wanted to share...this one is my very first monogrammed gift for Griffin! The cutest burp cloth I've ever seen! (Thanks Mrs. Moody!!)

Then, I wanted to give you all a little "teaser" on the nursery. Chad did a great job painting last weekend and has a little bit to finish up this weekend. I will post more pictures of the painted bedroom and bathroom once he finishes it up. I am so happy with the colors!!

We pick up the nursery furniture this weekend and I'm so excited about that! Not sure if we'll get the crib put together this weekend or not (Chad says no, but I'm so anxious!). I just can't wait to have the nursery all ready to go!
We are going to be busy getting things done in the next few weeks, which means lots of pictures are in your future (I know you people like the pictures...I only get comments when there are pictures) so stay tuned...


  1. Rachel, could you be any darn cuter with that baby bump or what!! You look awesome! So sweet..

    Thanks for the update! xoxo

  2. Love it!!! Finally a baby bump photo. Love the monogram and I love the nursery progress!

  3. Well I'm glad to see all you young people replentishing the earth. I'm also glad baby furniture isn't just white anymore! I hope the little alian is enjoying his time in the womb, because it's not too much longer til "SHOWTIME!"