Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Day at the River

This weekend we had amazing weather with temps in the mid 60's, a much needed break from the cold, January weather.  I think all of Atlanta took the opportunity to get out and about, and we were no exception.  G had spent the night at GiGi and Charlie's the night before, so when I went to pick him up on Saturday, we decided to go spend some time at Jones Bridge Park.  Fun times!

Griffin liked being pushed REALLY high!

Then he had a lot of fun playing in the tunnel.  He crawled back and forth and liked looking out the holes in the side.

(I am in love with this picture...and this little boy!)

Then we headed down to the water to check out the ducks.  It was so beautiful out there!

Some kids beside us shared their bread so G cold feed the ducks.  He couldn't quite understand that the bread was for the ducks...he kept eating it himself!  haha.

Such a fun day in the sun and warm weather!  Come on Spring...we're ready for you!

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  1. love all of the pictures! His little jacket is adorable. Looks like y'all had a fun time.