Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little Rascal

We've certainly got a rascal on our hands. It's so funny to watch what Griffin gets into. At this point, he's still pretty predictable, but we can just see the wheels in his head turning...I'm sure he'll be pulling fast ones on us in no time.

He really likes getting into bags and pulling everything out of them. I keep the diaper bag and my purse on this chair in the dining room and G goes through them at least once a day. I've learned to keep things I don't want him playing with out of his reach, but since this occupies some time and seems to hold his attention, I let him do it.

He has also figured out how to open our storage ottoman and knows that his toys are in there! It's really funny to see him lift if because he gets down low to push up with his legs and grunts like a body builder. Once he gets the lid up, he loves to pull EVERYTHING out of it. Rather than walk around to reach the toys on the other side, he climbs up in there and struggles to get what he wants.

"Mom...a little help here?!"

(He got stuck with his legs down between the side and the basket....I had to help him wiggle his way out of there.)
My wallet has proven to be G's favorite item in my purse (foreshadowing?). The leather must feel good on his gums because he loves to chew on it. Sometimes if we're out shopping and he's really fussy (making a scene), I give that to him because it shuts him up pretty quickly. My money is usually a little soggy afterwards, but I figure that it's pretty harmless.

It's so fun to see what this little rascal gets himself into! I'm sure we'll have to start keeping a closer eye on him as he gets more and more adventurous, but it's so fun to see how that brain is working and how he remembers everything! We've got a smart boy!


  1. found your blog on Natalie's. He is too cute and I loved watching him explore Natalie's house and play with all those girls! Hope to see you again soon!