Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We had the BEST Halloween! I can't even imagine how fun it will be in years to come when Griffin gets excited about dressing up and trick-or-treating. He seemed to enjoy it this year too, but I guess it's kind of hard to tell.

We started the day with by going to our neighborhood's fall festival with our friends Daniel and Jennifer. Griffin was a giraffe and Leah was a pumpkin. They were so cute!

Griffin was pretty tired after the fall festival, so we went home and napped. But after that, we decided to go out to a fun playground where we could enjoy the awesome fall weather. We had fun swinging and sliding!

After the playground and dinner, we got back in costume and headed out for some trick-or-treating! We only went to one house, but Griffin had fun playing and eating candy with his buddy Tate.

I love this picture of the boys snacking on the wrapper! Maybe next year they will get a real taste of candy.

The next day (on actual Halloween) I took Griffin over to my parents church for another fall festival! He got to ride a pony for the first time and seemed to have fun. It was funny to see a giraffe riding a pony. haha!

We had such a great weekend making memories with our little man. This was our first "first holiday" with Griffin and it makes me really excited for Thanksgiving and's so fun to see everything through his eyes and see how he reacts to things. It's just so neat!


  1. What an adorable giraffe! And btw, Rachel, you look GREAT!

  2. These pictures are priceless! What a fun time! Griffin the Giraffe is adorable!

  3. You have the cutest little family! I'm love the Giraffe costume!