Tuesday, November 16, 2010

9 Months?....No Way!

Yesterday we went for Griffin's 9 month check-up (though now he's about 9 months and 1 week). Besides being a bit under the weather (pesky cold and the croup), Dr. B said that he looks great! Here are his stats:
  • Height: 29 inches (75%)
  • Weight: 18 lbs. 14 oz. (25%)
  • Head Circumference: 45.5 cm.

We were a little worried about his weight gain, or lack there of, but Dr. B said she wasn't worried at all. She said she could tell that he was a very active child and that was probably the reason he wasn't gaining much weight....he burns a lot of calories through out the day!

Here are a few pictures of our skinny-minny from the last few weeks...

Here are a few of the things Griffin is doing as a 9 month old...
  • Talking up a storm!....we just don't know what he's saying. The noises that ARE audible though are priceless...he's saying "da-da-da" and "ma-ma-ma"...we're not sure that he knows what he's saying, but I think he's definitely close to realizing that those names are associated with us. So neat!
  • Learning to wave...at least I'm going to call it a wave. Sometimes he even gets the timing right and does it when someone says hi or bye to him. It's a funny, spastic, arm up and down kind of wave.
  • He's intrigued by other kids...he loves to look at them and "talk" to them.
  • As I mentioned above, he's still as active as ever...if he's awake, he's on the move!
  • This is kind of weird, but he loves to pick the rocks out of the fireplace. It's bad because his tiny little fingers love to pick away at it and little rocks fall out....then he tries to EAT THEM! Needless to say, it keeps Chad and I very busy trying to keep him from doing it.
  • I've said this before, but he loves the outdoors. Only now he's not as content to just BE outside...now he wants to get down and explore everything...which would be great if he wouldn't try to eat everything. haha!

Okay, that's our boy in an itty-bitty nutshell. All 9 months of him! We love you Griff!


  1. so cute!! i love the pic of his little bottom!!!

  2. Absolutely precious! Time really does fly!