Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Video update: Almost 6 weeks!

Tomorrow Griffin will be 6 weeks old...WOW! Time really has flown by (I think) and just this week I've really started noticing that he really is looking bigger...and it kind of makes me sad (but happy at the same time)!

Here are a few videos from today...Make sure to turn your sound up because Griffin is letting it loose in this first video. It still makes me laugh that he just rips 'em and goes on about his day. I love how he doesn't know that one day he will consider that embarrassing...haha.

Strong boy holding up his head during "tummy time." He's been doing this since he was like a week old...we are proud! haha...

PS...this is the voice I use all day long...I even annoy myslef! I wonder why everyone feels like they have to talk in a different voice when talking to a kid. Weird...


  1. I love that sweet mommy voice, and look how he responds to it! Thanks for sharing moments of your day with us. Grandpa Charlie and I are missing him! Love, Griffin's GiGi

  2. Rachel, Griffin is absolutely precious. What a cutie! Have a great rest of the week!

  3. This cracks me up... haha! I talk to my dogs in that voice and Adam yells at me.

    Sweet Griffin... even when he's lettin 'em rip!

  4. Ohhh he is sooo going to kill you for posting the "farting" video (as it will be refered to) when is about 15. But soo great! Thank you for sharing! :)

  5. Oh my gosh Rach, you and Griffin are both too precious in these videos! Sometimes I nearly vomit when I hear myself talking baby talk to the girls...who would have ever thunk it?!

    I hope that we can all get together later this spring...I think Laiten and Maisen could fight over Griffin. He is such a babe! :)

  6. funny! Michael is home from school sick. So, Griffin's videos are entertainment for him and Annie. Michael thought your "talking from his bottom" comment was funny, and a bit naughty. Then he said, "I think he was just passing gas." On the tummy time video Michael yells, "Mom, come watch Griffin doing push-ups!" I thought Chad would get a kick out of that one! Give him a good snuggle from the Parsons.