Monday, March 8, 2010


With Chad's parents in town this weekend we had an extra set of hands to document bath time! While Griffin is not crazy about baths, he's starting to like it a little more each time.
Speaking of baths...I'd like to take a often should an almost one month old be bathed? We're averaging about one per week, but we're starting to catch wind that it is normal to bathe your child much more often. We don't want to be the parents with the dirty kid, but baths are a lot of work! Please leave a comment with your answer.


  1. I know nothing about the bath situation, however I do say good job Mom on the naked bath pictures. Always a classic! :) Love the little yellow towel and the choo choo blanket on the changing table. Adorable!

  2. I give Tate a bath every other night unless we have a particularly spit uppy day... He doesn't necessarily need it but I'm convinced it relaxes him right before bedtime... I was more like every 3 days with Amelia until she got older but that was really because I was scared to give her a bath. :)
    One tip to help him start liking it, is take a bath with him. They definately like the skin on skin contact and Tate liked splashing in the water. I did this with Amelia and of course started a terrible habit, because I still get requests almost every night to take a bath with her.

  3. Hey Rachel! Love the little boy - keep the updates coming!

    I am with the above post - we used to bathe Liam every night once the light bulb went off that if we were to have bath time and PJ time at a certain time of the evening, it would give him a point of reference for bedtime. It didn't have much to do with the actual bathing. It really was a turning point for us once we started doing it, not only because it got him into a routine, but that it got US into a routine. A lot of things got better once we started doing that - probably when he was about a month old.

    As far as actual bathing goes, I think every other night is fine, too. Less, even (we probably did about once a week the first month ourselves). We let ourselves get away with every other day now, and we have a yucky 2-year-old!

  4. oh, he's just such a cutie, Rachel! I love these pics!
    I definitely think bathing 1-2 times a week is plenty! You don't want to dry out his skin. And it's not like he's running marathons or rolling around in the sand.
    You're doing great and I can't wait to see you guys again!
    let me know when you're ready to travel to Cumming... or to have us with our crazy kids stop by your house! We'd love to see you.
    love you!

  5. Hey Rachel!

    When Hannah was a month old we were doing baths once a week too. Any more will dry out their skin - which you don't want. Hannah likes bathtime much better after we actually put water in her infant tub and she wasn't being sponge bathed.