Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's a BOY!

Today was a BIG day for us...we found out that we're having a baby boy! We are beyond excited and absolutely overjoyed! It was the neatest feeling in the world to see him inside my stomach just squirming around. The doctor said he was very active in there and wouldn't hold still while they were trying to take his picture. (That's got to be forshadowing, right?)

Here are some pictures of baby boy Herring (don't worry...Chad and I will be discussing names more in depth now and will let every one know as soon as we decide on one!) I'll try to describe what you're looking at in the pictures.

This is a profile view of the face. See his forehead, nose and mouth? The doctor said he has a pretty lip!

These are his arms, covering his face. The fists are towards the right of the frame.

And these are his sweet little legs and feet. It looks like his knees are pulled up in a ball so we're looking at his shins and footsies (to the left of the shot).

And this....THIS is how we know it's a boy! This is a shot of his penis (we're all adults here, right?) from the underside. He's just lettin' it all hang out!

Like I said, we are beyond excited. Oh, I also went to the new doctor today and really like him and the practice...first impressions were good anyways. We had to go over to the hospital for the sonogram and the women's center there is so nice. It was so fun seeing all of the new dads walking around the lobby. They were easy to spot because they looked a bit haggard and they all had wrist bands on. Very cute! We're half way there...soon enough that will be us!


  1. How cute is my little nephew! I am so excited for you guys and can't wait for the little one to arrive.

  2. Rachel, I love your blog. It's going in my "favorites"...hehe. We're SO happy for you guys! Thanks for all the ultrasound descriptions! I definitely would have a hard time figuring out what I was looking at :) My favorite is the profile picture...he's a cutie already!

  3. RACHH!!! A boy! How awesome. Congrats! Roll out the blue! And thanks to Baby H for the clear shot of his you know whats (sorry, he's still so little I can't say it. It doesn't seem proper). Thanks to the clear shots plans can begin! Yeah!
    Way Awesome!

  4. I found your blog, yay! I cannot wait for the next post!