Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grandparents and their "Names"

It's been said, and I will gladly say it again, that baby Herring is going to have the BEST grandparents (although, they do have pretty stiff competition coming from the great grandparents). However, there is one issue that keeps arising...what the grandparents will be called. Now, as far as I know, the Herrings don't have any name requests thus far. The Knights on the other hand keep signing emails as "GiGi" (for my mom-she's decided on the spelling and everything) and my dad...well, he just wants to be called "Charlie" - nothing else.

My brother and I find this hilarious! The fact that they think they actually have a choice in what their first grandchild will call them is beyond our belief. Let me give you some background on this subject...

We had no say in the naming of my dad's parents, Nanny and Papa Knight. Good names, right? My cousins, the frist born grandchildren, did a good job with that. My mom's parents, however, are a different story. Ramsey, being the first born grandchild on that side of the family, had the honors of naming them. My grandmother wanted to be called just that - "grandmother." By all means, she did NOT want to be called Granny, or anything of the sort. Well, those of you who know my grandparents know how that turned out. They were bestowed with the names "GaGa" and "GinGi" (GaGa is the girl, GinGi is the boy...we get that questions a lot..."which one is which?")

Aren't they so cute?! And could you imagine them being called anything other than Gaga and Gingi?! No way! I think they have grown to love the names as well (or at least they love us enough to not say otherwise).

So, GiGi and Charlie - we love you AND the names you have chosen, BUT...we can't make you any promises.


  1. The Lovetts never used a "water board," or "shock treatment," if the kid's really, really cute I might use candy or toys, to be determined. Children and animals are trainable.

  2. well I am Nat Nat thanks to Brady :) So I guess your kids will have to call me that too. Can't wait!

  3. I am with you... the child should determine the name of the grandparents. I have a friend whose son calls her father "Addydaddy," (which translates to "other Daddy.") No one but a kid could be so genius!
    Can't wait to see you. xoxo

  4. First of all, congrats to you both!

    My maternal grandparents wanted to be called by their names as well, Bill and Pat. I am the oldest grandchild on my mom's side of the family. I couldn't say Bill and Pat, but I could say "Boo" and "Pete." We run into the same problem -- which one is the boy (Boo)and which one is the girl (Pete)?

    My mom is now a grandmother and insisted on being called "Bunny." I have already advised her that I make no guarantees on what my kids call her. :)

    Kristin Crawford